[kl-bogel] Secrets of the German road repair

LJ user agishev wrote in his blog: When two weeks ago began repairing the road beneath our windows, I, unlike normal people, even happy. Well, let the noise, dirt and park, but I learned the secret of the secrets of the German road workers and took them to Perm!

(15 photos)

1. The street is small, about 200 meters, quiet and the main problem was to prevent cars parking on it at the appointed hour.

2. Street, by our standards, it is currently suitable for the operation, which it was decided to fix I do not know the question to the Munich municipality. In the photo are flaws that I could detect a cursory examination.

3. For the master took it thoroughly. On the containers, I strongly hoped for as a storehouse of secrets.

4. The beginning was impetuous, I did not even had time to photograph the process of removing the old canvas in the afternoon already street looked like this:

5. I was delighted, because under the old asphalt was discovered even more old pavement. Here it's a secret! If the asphalt is put on the road base may stand forever!

6.No no! There is no secret! Rocks removed following the passage of the grader and was taken to an unknown destination.

7A on the way conventional compacted sand-gravel mixture.

8. Here it is, storm sewer, unknown to Perm!

9.Tehniku ​​drove on schedule.

10.Kak see nothing surprising. Perm probably posovremennee devices.

11.Vot this I have not seen that level of pavement verify. Although I may not know.

12.Zavershenie operations also occurred rapidly. Type in the afternoon.

13.Novye livnevki lattice.

14.Kommunikatsionny well at the highest level of the road.

15.Obekt ready. On the day travel was banned. And then - please!

In general, as you can see, the secret one - do not steal!
It's very simple, very organized and very quick!
Two parts:
- Team, ten people, the people are different, but the technology and leadership - the Germans.
- All done in a week, but the rain did not work and as I understand it, not because they were afraid to get wet, but because the technology does not allow.

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