[kl-bogel] Kiev. Independence Square and Khreshchatyk

LJ user tanya45 wrote in his blog: I was recently lucky enough to visit in Kiev. This is a wonderful and exciting city. A few days spent in it - very little. It's just enough to get an idea about the city, love it and buy a dream again and again to come to Kiev.

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1. To begin with, that we were very lucky with the weather. Despite the fact that Gismeteo and other weather sites promised rain and thunderstorms at all during our stay in Kiev, the sun is spit on projections and light all the time. True, sort of had one day with thunderstorms and heavy rains, but we had it safely in Chernigov.
We were lucky with the settlement. I had a luxurious room at the fact that neither has the city center in the hotel "Ukraine".


3.In the room - a small balcony, which overlooks the Independence Square, better known as Independence Square.

4. It is hard to resist and not to photograph the famous square and in the morning:

5.I lights in the evening

6.C my sixth-floor cops fine dome of St. Sophia Cathedral

7. St. Michael's Monastery

8. In ancient times on the site was a swamp area. In principle, the area began to emerge as such only in the XIX century. She had just changed its name. There was Khreschatytska, and the Duma and the Soviet, and even Klinina area. Until finally, after 1991 there was the Independence Square.

As a symbol of independence of Ukraine in the center area of ​​set column, crowned by a girl in national dress, with a branch in the hands of Kalinovoe

9. In the pedestal of the column there is a passage in the area

10. Behind this monument you can see the very nice house with white columns, which in just our arrival reception was held at the Russian ambassador Zurabov honor the Day of Russia

11. Actually, in my view, the area is very elegant and festive. Many fountains and sculptures. Very attractive fountain, reminiscent of a ripe dandelion

12. But the legendary founders of Kiev Kyi, Schek, Horeb and sister Lybid

13. Very nice looks like a fan running down to Maidan six streets

14. In the area of ​​the spot where the XI century were Lyadsky gates, through which in 1240 became the army of Batu in Kiev, now installed a copy of the Caves gate (built on the site Lyadsky gate in the XVIII century, but also subsequently destroyed). True to the original gate was no statue of Michael the Archangel - patron saint of Kiev. Kiev speak for blacks to call him Batman

15. On the Square is the building of the Kiev Conservatory

16. On weekends in the Maidan Khreshchatyk overlap, and people walking on the area and the adjacent roadway. This further reinforces the impression of conviviality

17. I do not know either permanently or only in our stay in Kiev on Independence had a meeting. Maybe in the beginning it was plentiful, but when I went to meetings, they found the following picture.
It's actually all participants. But they said very loudly, and was heard in my room, and probably throughout the Downtown.

18.A, as I understand, the signs of the Orange Revolution. They say that the inscription had been brighter, but now faded, behold what they are trying to keep under glass

19.Kreschatik - this is one of the widest and the shortest main street in the world. Previously, it had a width of 35 meters. But during the war blew up the underground Khreshchatyk. In the post-war reconstruction Khreshchatyk greatly expanded right up to 75 meters and was built up houses in the style of Stalin's empire.
Some houses look pretty cute. This one, for example


21. So Khreshchatyk looks at the weekend

22.A well in everyday life

23.V the west end of Downtown is famous Bessarabian market. The most expensive market in Kiev. The building was built in 1912

24.Takie first impressions of the trip to Kiev. I hope you do not get bored :)

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