[kl-bogel] Afghan-Tajik border, travel notes, Day 7

All the seventh day I was getting to Moscow. Initially wanted to fly through Kabul, but there was no convenient flights, and I went to the capital is too far away. I decided to go through Tajikistan. Afghanistan has three border crossings with Tajikistan. Two of them, if you look at the map, it seems that they are very close to Faizabad, where I was, and the third was nearly 300 km. In fact, it turned out that the shortest path is not always the fastest. Go near the village of Ishkashim results in Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region of Tajikistan - izvestnyyu terrain with its unusual, stunning scenery. However, when referring to a trip to Ishkashim drivers did not show enthusiasm. The way they say is monstrous and takes at least 8 hours. What is a terrible way I learned the previous day, during a trip to the area of ​​poppy plantations, to repeat this experience is not wanted. Another shift is in the Tajik city of Khorog. When it is mentioned, not all of them can understand where it is. The transition is not popular among the Afghans, again because of bad roads. At the same time, Faizabad and the closest to the transition, "Sher Khan Bandar," the city of Kunduz excellent road links, the quality of which many would envy the Russian railway.

From Faizabad to the border can be reached in just 3-4 hours, depending on the driver's bravery and your courage. Sher Khan Bandar was the main passage between Tajikistan and Afghanistan, not so long ago. Back in 2007, instead of a modern bridge that connects the river Pyanzh, went to the ferry and the traffic was low. However, according to my driver, the troops found a way through kaolitsii Sher Khan Bandar quite easy to supply troops. They helped build the bridge and extend to him an excellent road.

01. This is the interior of my guesthouse, where I spent the last two days.

02. And this is the best hotel in Faizabad looks from the street.

03. Almost all the way to the border I was asleep. In between going to bed now noticed this hilarious bus.

04. And such a tuk-tuki in Kunduz. Not another one Afghan city I have not seen the fat-the fat.

05. Afghan border passed quickly. People almost was not. At the beginning of all things inspected, and then I went to the passport control. The border guard asked me where my immigration card, which I had to get to the airport. I had completely forgotten about her. Remember, I am told that the airport makes registration, but this requires a picture. I have a photo with him was not, so no cards in the airport, I never got it. The border guard refused to let me by offering to return to Kabul and make the necessary document. While I was thinking, how much to give him a bribe, as well as ring up Afghan acquaintances, he relented and put the necessary stamp in the passport. From Afghanistan to the Tajik border, walk across the bridge bus. The fare to be paid $ 2.

06. Tajiks have had a big queue. The border guard handing out immigration cards. On the reverse side of printed advertising of Beeline. Later, it became clear that these cards are called the "beeline". "Where's your beeline" - the policeman asked me about the time of verification of documents in the city. I could not understand, but it turned out that the so-called migration card.

07. On the Tajik border, I got stuck for an hour. After a search of all things (except the backpack, which was behind him), I caught the doctor and asked to be vaccinated against polio! And vaccinations do everything, without exception, under compulsion. I had a long talk to him about the allergies and contraindications, after which he left behind. From the Tajik border are also bus. It costs $ 4 already, but I did not take the money the driver: "You're brother, I will not take the money brother!"

08. Immediately after the border took a taxi to Dushanbe. 220 km ride, the driver agreed to take $ 70, which is probably a lot. Gasoline costs about 38 rubles per liter. I slept the whole way.

09. Immediately went to the cashier for a ticket to the evening flight. Dushanbe-Moscow ticket worth $ 530. In the ticket office staff lazy scare Putin.

10. Before the plane was 2 hours, and I took a taxi. The city itself is very much, reminds VVC - Kicevo Soviet classic, generously diluted tasteless advertising and numerous barbecue and beer. In the photo the new LCD, the tallest building.

11. A lot of trees. Sorry for the Tajik authorities to demolish the historic center. A few years later from the capital Dushanbe Soviet REPUBLIC become a provincial Chinese town.

12. The city almost never took off, I relax a bit, but hope to come here again for the weekend.

13. From unusual in Tajikistan smoking in public places. This means that just go on the street and smoking can not. But you can drink Yagudin. This cattle-cocktails are inexplicable popularity among the local population and is considered the "elite swill."

14. That's it.

I think after 2 weeks I start to dig the Afghan photos and share thematic positions.

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