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[kl-bogel] Typhoon "Rock" hit Japan

A powerful typhoon struck the south-western coast of Japan on Wednesday, moving north-east across Tokyo.

Strong waves caused by typhoon "Rock" in the port city of Kehoe.

Japanese soldiers prepared sandbags to reinforce embankments on the river Shonai.

Transportation of people from the flooded area in Nagoya.

A woman tries to hold his umbrella during a heavy wind and rain in Tokyo, which are caused by a typhoon.

Japanese fisherman ties his boat in the port of Taito.

Rescuers prepare sandbags near the river Nagoya.

Japanese soldier carries sandbags to shore.

People relax at an evacuation center in Nagoya. More than 1 million people from central Japan, were evacuated because of the typhoon.

Rescuers reinforce the river bank with sandbags.

A fire engine pulled up to the point of strengthening bank in Nagoya.

The damaged truck at the plant near the river Shonai.

Damaged cars are among the debris after the flood of the river
Shonai. Toyota has closed 11 of its plants…

[kl-bogel] Miss Malaysia-World (1980)

Pertandingan Miss Malaysia-World 1980 telah dimenangi oleh Callie Liew Tan Chee yang berusia 22 tahun ketika itu. Callie memasuki pertandingan itu setelah menamatkan pengajiannya selama 4 tahun di England dalam kursus kecantikan dan mendandan rambut. Callie yang dilaporkan mempunyai ketinggian 5 kaki 7 inci dan berukuran badan 33" 24" 35" telah berjaya menewaskan saingan terdekatnya iaitu Christina Leong (pemenang tempat kedua) dan Za Merican (tempat ketiga). Rancangan Callie untuk membuka sebuah kedai mendandan rambut terpaksa ditangguhkan apabila beliau terpilih untuk menyertai pertandingan Miss World 1980 di Royal Albert Hall, London pada bulan November tahun yang sama.
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[kl-bogel] India,Part 2

Probably, it is incorrect to call another person, you just an acquaintance, who spent a few days of his life. Maybe it's that it was not gray days and weeks in the Himalayas and all - nature, people and events of the time - live in my memories warm night campfire, the smell of wet snow and pine needles, the taste of the hookah and spices.

Mamziddyk was one of four conductors who accompanied us on this track in the mountains of Kashmir. Short, skinny and very smart, he was older than everyone else. Downstairs, in the village Naranag where we started, it waited for his wife and three children. It seemed that in him and live baby shower - the naive eye, ingenious acts foolishly, and a teenage tomboy. All to him and treated - and he was not offended.

Cape of coarse cloth, torn pants and plastic shoes with torn socks, not even closing his fingers - it's all in what he was wearing. Apparently, extreme poverty and content rather big family did not allow him to equip better.


[kl-bogel] India. Eye to eye.

This is also an album in 2008 after a trip to northern India and Kashmir. A huge, 20 meters tall, the statue of the goddess in g.Haridvar. Indian women.