[kl-bogel] Afghanistan, travel notes, day 1

Yesterday morning I arrived in Kabul. Return ticket, I do not how long I'll stay here I do not know. With the internet as if the order so that I would try to travel notes, and detailed report was prepared when I go back to Moscow. The first day went well. It is very hot, dusty and dirty. Today I plan to go out of town to the peasants, and yesterday held fully in Kabul.

01. Direct flights from Moscow to Kabul Ariana airline serves. It is famous because of its history, its planes never took off as scheduled. Was no exception and our flight, he stayed for 2 hours. Planes old, but you can sleep than I do. Woke up on the approach to Kabul.

02. At the airport, nothing interesting. A lot of military equipment and aircraft, helicopters, almost all - ours! Passport control is quick, the guard did not even look at me, put a stamp on the visa and all. Immediately after passing the control to execute a registration. For this very desirable to have 2 photos. If the photos do not have to execute the registration in the city and lose time.

03. I go out in a completely empty arrival hall, there is no taxi, no greeters. It turns out that the airport no one is allowed. Passengers are taken to the airport by bus. There, behind barbed wire in the dust of people are sitting.

04. I was met by a driver. We go to the hotel. On the way we visit a local buy Simcoe. The seller promises reasonable GPRS-Internet, but it turns out that it is not so easy to customize. Makes this statement, the activation during the day. As can be seen on display here are selling iPhone;)

05. First impression - one big jail of Kabul, or fortress, as you wish. I did not like at all). Along the streets there are huge concrete fences, barbed wire emplacements everywhere, sandbags and soldiers. A lot of people with guns, all in different forms. Second impression - the dirt. In Kabul, very dirty.

06. Proceeds through Kabul river of the same name. She is also the main city gutter. People throw out all the garbage in the river, the water in it than just muddy, it is absolutely black as ink. Smells otvatitelnye, but quickly get used to, but get used to the flies is more complicated.

07. Even more difficult to get used to the piles of shit and rotting garbage beneath their feet.

08. In the photo quay Kabul River. When I took this shot, I thought that people are praying - it was just the evening prayer. It turned out that they are just crap. Well, how could you? ;)

09. Kabul is a tributary of the Indus. The length of 460 km.


11. The town itself looks like.


13. A street barber.

14. Old Town is almost completely destroyed by years of war, but something where you can find traces of ancient buildings.

15. As expected from the eastern city - Kabul a big market. Traffic on the streets difficult. No lights, no one observes the rules on the roads a mess.

16. Stopped at the bird market.

17. They found an excellent restaurant with a samovar.


19. At first glance it may seem that this is a dirty eatery. In fact - it is a decent cafe, I'm sorry Wai-fi there.

20. But there is a reference book, in which the owner has asked to leave a few lines.

21. Bird market is very colorful, you can easily spend a few hours.


23. See what caught this interesting and beautiful people!


25. Sold mainly parrots and pigeons.



28. Chicken is cut right in front of the client.

29. In order not to attract attention to themselves, bought on the market the local costume. Unfortunately, I do not know what it's called. Photo yesterday lecturing at Twitter .






35. This is not a dump, is the point of waste sorting. They are everywhere. Plastic, paper, metal, sort of package. Plastic bottles are sold in Pakistan for processing. Over 7 kg bottles give 30 cents.

36. Scavengers here and live with their families.

37. A horse is sleeping peacefully, but I woke up. The horse is from 700 to 2000 dollars.

38. Back in Kabul, a lot of drug addicts. They're going under bridges, on rubbish dumps and in war-torn buildings. Heroin use on the street, no one cares to these people. 5% of the population of Afghanistan is using hard drugs. In the picture one of the points here at any time of day and night full of drug addicts. Over the last 10 years the number of addicts has increased greatly.

39. The smell disgusting, everything happens on heaps of garbage and waste, which folds into a river. A drug addict prepares a dose. Drugs are mainly consumed hazariytsy, descendants of Genghis Khan. They are Shiites, go to work in Iran, where a relatively good living.

40. Here they sell heroin, he is cheap and readily available to everyone. There are no prohibitions against the sale and use there. Inject on the streets. At a dose of earning petty theft and begging.

41. 5 minutes after we started shooting I noticed. Drug addicts have been aggressive. First landed on one, then very quickly a crowd gathered. I had to run. Kind people helped to get to the road and advised safer point for filming.

42. Then they were told that photographers here do not favor, 2 weeks ago beaten two German journalists who wanted to make a report about drug addicts.

43. River;)

44. Women wear head scarves blue, very nice.

45. Throughout the city there is a network of ditches, which eventually flow into the main river. Water supply and sanitation in Kabul, almost none. Water obtained from wells. Drains you see in the picture.

46. A typical urban landscape. Very dusty. Many are medical dressings, some wrapped in a scarf to avoid breathing dust.


48. Gay Pride Parade;)


50. Americans are blamed for something. that do not do anything. "They built their own bases, and sit there all! And for the people of that?" In general, anything other than their base the Americans have not built and did not. But the package of humanitarian assistance to good use as a building material.

51. Today I'm going in the direction of Jalalabad and the Bagram military base. If this works out, rent a poppy fields and production.

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