[kl-bogel] Very unusual perfume ... (10 photos)

What did not come up with!
Fantasy producer simply has no limits, but if there is demand, why not do!
What else is there to say? See for yourself and draw your own conclusions:)

1. Perfume "Grave"

Very unusual perfume ... (10 photos)

Perfume company Demeter's Fragrance Library - it's just a storehouse of products with the most incredible flavors, including cologne, the smell of mildew, shower gel, after which you'll smell like seaweed, etc. They develop blockbuster - eau de toilette "cemetery" (Funeral Home), which combines a rich bouquet of aromas of flowers that grow on the graves (lilies, carnations, gladioli, chrysanthemums), and subtle notes of rotting leaves, which give an extraordinary perfume scent that reminds you of deceased relatives, a cemetery, and other horrors associated with death.

The aroma of the vulva

Very unusual perfume ... (10 photos)

Vulva Original (Vulva Original) - a scent of female secretions, which will allow you to enjoy the smell of a real woman. The manufacturer's website highlights the fact that the Vulva Original - it's not perfume, a fragrance created to satisfy your basest instincts. While the normal perfume, which has rich bouquet of flavors, serves to improve the odor of the human body and bring it to attention, Vulva Original is applied to the skin of the hand and quickly inhaled. The aroma of vaginal discharge in high demand among American, Chinese, and most frightening - Russian perverts who bought an unusual product in liters.

Visible Spirits

Very unusual perfume ... (10 photos)

Perhaps the aroma of these spirits, and not original, but you can always see them on your body. As part of Wode perfume is a small amount of paint that is in contact with skin and clothing reserves of cobalt-blue spots. After a couple of minutes is a riot of colors is gone.

Boudicca Wode firm promoted as the first visible spirits. If you've always wanted to decorate themselves with paint from a container without any harm to their health, now is your chance thanks to toilet water from the company Boudicca. There are two versions of this fragrance: Wode Paint - for those who like bright colors and Wode Scent - for conservatives - without adding paint.

Meat flavors

Very unusual perfume ... (10 photos)

In 2008, a network of fast food establishments Burger King (Burger King) has released its line of perfume with the scent of roasted meat. Cologne Flame («Flame») is sold exclusively in the U.S. at a price of $ 4 a bottle. This extraordinary cologne is contraindicated for vegetarians and is advertised as a fragrance with a barely perceptible temptation hint of roasted meat.

Eau de toilette "Cheese Stilton"

Very unusual perfume ... (10 photos)

In 2006, British cheesemaker, specializing in producing the most disgusting smelling cheese Stilton, gave a world toilet water Eau de Stilton with the smell of your favorite dairy products. The manufacturer assured that the smell of their toilet water has a mild earthy and colorful fruity aroma, which supposedly gives a sharp-eaten blue mold cheese Stilton. In order to alleviate the foul smell of cheese, it was decided to dilute its symphony of natural aromas, including: yarrow, angelica seed, sage and valerian.

Eau de toilette fragrance with lobster

Very unusual perfume ... (10 photos)

Another crazy flavor of brilliant British perfumers of Demeter's Fragrance Library. Demeter Lobster combines the scent of the sea, lobster meat and butter. This perfume just enjoys great demand among residents of China.

The secret of seduction - blood, semen and saliva

Very unusual perfume ... (10 photos)

"The secret of seduction» (Secretions Magnifique) has a truly indescribable bouquet of flavors, due to the fact that it includes blood, saliva and semen. As a producer says, "The secret of seduction" - the smell of animal nature, which gives you a feeling of superiority with which you can forget about their complexes.

"The secret of seduction" - the brainchild of a French perfume factory Etat Libre d'Orange perfumers. Their products are sold only in New York's elite shop for the most affluent people - Henri Bendel.

Scent DNA

Very unusual perfume ... (10 photos)

This is probably the most unusual and expensive perfume in the world until recently they could only use the powers in mind the uniqueness of its production. The fact that it includes the smell of DNA. Perfumers, preparing this unusual toilet water, says the smell of the DNA of every person is unique and offers a truly indescribable bouquet of flavors that can seduce any individual of the opposite sex.

Eau de toilette with a fragrant odor of marijuana

Very unusual perfume ... (10 photos)

According to the manufacturer of this product, Cannabis Santal Eau de Parfum has a spicy aroma of the forest, you daruyuschim serenity and tranquility of the current challenges. The fragrance of citrus intertwined with warm notes of chocolate, essential oils and aroma is complemented by sensible marijuana.

Fragrance musicians group KISS, won back a 3-hour concert

Very unusual perfume ... (10 photos)

Hardly anyone wants to smell sweat, alcohol and tobacco, but true fans of KISS certainly appreciate the opportunity to literally reek their idols.

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