[kl-bogel] Museum of Astronautics

Learn-to-user e-format writes in his blog: On May 19 the Museum Space was a science fiction festival Syfy Poehali Party, which included a very comprehensive program of seminars and entertainment. Upon arrival at the museum on the local staff threw me mistook me for someone from the media, but I easily fought off a tripod quickly presented to the visitors and was indifferent to others.

(18 photos)

By appointment only managed to sign up to the 3D-quiz on the site but have added initially desired "Travels on the ISS," and a lecture on "Prevention of collision with an asteroid."

Now immersed in the museum.

1. Initially, I imagined journey to the ISS as something akin to the Avatar, that is some incredible adventure. But in practice it proved to be a class like this.

2. The whole group was divided into teams and began the match in an incredibly boring video game in which even my IT specialist skills were completely useless. The winning team went to the dock with no one to lock an imaginary space station.

3. Inside the gateway is placed 2 or 3 people in a semi recumbent position cramped.

4. I hate this computer class pretty tired, and I went to these astronauts.


6. Satellites and to the rest space equipment.



9. Unfortunately, there was no time to read about all the exhibits, but I think it's capsule, which was returned from space to Earth.

10. I am sure that at least some of these satellites operated by the energy generated by nuclear reactors, developed in Physics and Power Engineering in Obninsk.


12. At this time, the employee thought the museum would be better to put the umbrella in the country.

13. And this is the famous squirrel.

14. But it also Arrow.

15. Music began almost immediately. For example, there is such a Makarevich. Makarevich on it, of course, do not like, but performed above every time I passed by.




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