[kl-bogel] Armenia, travel notes, day 3

Today I publish a final report about Armenia. Time I was little, only 2 full days, but I tried to hold them as efficiently as possible. On the last day I had half a day and I decided to go to the highest mountain in Armenia - Aragats, especially the way there have opened a few days ago. According to legend, was the sister of Aragats Mount Ararat. Once the sisters love each other a falling out. Tried in vain to reconcile them Marutasar mountain, an angry, she cursed them both, they were forever separated.

01. Early in the morning I went to meet the dawn on a viewing platform at Victory Park.

02. The city was still asleep, and the first rays of sunlight illuminate the top of Mount Ararat!

03. About the city I wrote in first post. By the end of a trip to Yerevan, my attitude has changed - the decrepit, dusty Soviet city.

04. The top is illuminated)

05. After 20 minutes, the sun reached the city.


07. The Armenians, as well, and in Russian, very well all be divided into "his" and "strange". In Yerevan, can stand apart in a few million dollars, and before him to be broken down the road. Each day the owner of the mansion will go around the pit and open the hatches on his Bentley, but never will repair the road - it is "strange". You can see that the owner of an expensive house decided to put "beautiful" lights. He never occurred to negotiate with the neighbors and set lights on the street, he did not remove the wires under the ground, lest they spoil the view of its "smart" lights. Due to the fact that, in Yerevan, one thinks only of himself, in a city in chaos and ruin. The Armenians are plenty of spitting and swearing at me, but it is. What is happening now with your city, it's terrible, you will destroy it completely his samostroev, elite palaces at the very heart and care attitude to history. In Moscow, unfortunately, a similar situation.

08. Just insanely beautiful nature saves the city;)

09. See how cool!


11. Embassy of the United States.

12. Before the aircraft is still 6 hours, you can manage to conquer a few more tops! It's time for the mountains.

13. Poppies in bloom along the road!


15. Mountain slopes are found abandoned Soviet construction. Please note that the construction crane is strange that it cut down.

16. ANPP - nuclear power plant, built during the Soviet era in the Armenian SSR, near the city of Metsamor. To build the power plant was filmed "Xenia, beloved wife of Theodore" (1974). Some equipment for the ANPP was first installed and tested in the USSR and the world. Since hydraulic shock absorbers computed on such a large effort has been made for the first time a Japanese firm, and a good experience behind them. Was first tested and successfully proven themselves deep evaporation plant low-level liquid wastes will be stored repeatedly reduce the amount of radioactive waste.

17. City Metsamor nuclear power is named after the ancient city (fortress) Metsamor with ancient copper and bronzoplavilnym complex, and had existed since the V millennium BC. Oe. to the XVIII century AD. Oe. At the fortress Metsamor detected presumably ancient astronomical observatory. In 1968, the fortress is open historical and archaeological museum. The museum has collected and stored 22 000 exhibits. At the ANPP was modeled emergency, which caused failure of the Japanese nuclear power plant, "Fukushima-1", which revealed that such risks do not threaten the work of the ANPP.


19. Ararat!

20. On a mountain slope at an altitude of 2140 meters is Amberd castle.

21. It is assumed that the castle was founded by Prince Kamsarakan, then the castle passed into the domain of the Armenian military leader Vahram Pahlavuni. He was subsequently purchased by the Armenian rulers of the dynasty Bagratuni, turned the castle into the main outpost of his empire. The church was built in 1026.


23. Vagrmashen Church was founded in XI century castle near the Armenian Amberd, located on the hillside Aragats. The castle and church are on rocky ground, near rivers and Amberd Arkashen. In the X century buildings belonged to the princes Pahlavuni, and in 1236 they were burned by the Mongols, and then they were not rebuilt.




27. Rise above!

28. Aragats - the highest mountain range in modern Armenia. The height of the mountain is 4094 meters. Stretching the mountain from east to west and 40 km from north to south - 35 km. Ramps at the bottom covered with wood, above - meadows.

29. Aragats a volcano eruption in history but were not detected.

30. The road deteriorates, there is snow ...

31. Flowers bloom;)

32. The road insanely beautiful!

33. Snow becomes more and more, but the road is clear. The height of the snowy slopes of up to 5 meters.

34. On the subject of numerous mountain Aragats and legends about the period of Christianity, in which St. Gregory the Illuminator ascended to the top of Aragats to pray, while at night it lights unquenchable lamp, hanging from the sky. According to the legend states that now this lamp shines at night, but can only see it dedicated.

35. The road ends near Lake Karilich, there is the village in which they live scientists. Karilich - "Stone Lake". Height - 3200 meters above sea level.

36. There is a restaurant that served all year round, "hash" - a liquid hot dish, soup, widely spread throughout the Caucasus and Transcaucasia. As we talked, only cook in the summer of hash here. Many people come here specifically to try this dish.

37. Usually hash cook day, but at the top have to do it 48 hours. This is a kitchen.



40. Road. In winter it is closed, it opens in late May.


42. According to legend, was the sister of Aragats Mount Ararat. Once the sisters love each other a falling out. Tried in vain to reconcile them Marutasar mountain, an angry, she cursed them both, they were forever separated.




46. That's all) Just from the mountain we went to the airport.

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