[kl-bogel] Afghanistan, travel notes, day 2

Travel in Afghanistan continues. Most of the second day I spent on the road, so the material is not very much. The main goal yesterday was to get to a military base in Bagram, and visit the market of ammunition and equipment stolen from the warehouses of the American army. On our way we stopped at the school, saw a brick factory and a cemetery of Soviet military equipment.

01. Early in the morning went to meet a dawn. Since Kabul is surrounded by mountains, the sun appears there after about 30 minutes after sunrise.

02. The main goal yesterday was the Bagram military base near there should be a market for stolen ammunition. On the road dropped into a local school. About her I will have a separate post. And while I can say that the schools are quite similar to ours. There are no estimates, but there are special people with sticks to beat children.

03. The school director during the Soviet occupation, as many Afghans, he fought on the side of the Mujahideen. For him the present, the U.S. occupation is the second. It belongs to the new occupants negatively, he said Afghans could have long to knock the Americans out of the country, as at one time drove the Russian. The reason that foreign troops are still not broken in the fact that people are too tired of war and do not want to go up against, as it was during his youth. The director has a negative attitude to both occupations, but believes that the Russian was still better. He does not claim that the Russian are good and bad Americans. No, the Russian invaders were and he hated them, but they seemed to him more human, friendly, courageous and honest.

Russian also conducted operations and bombed the village, but people have warned that the planned operation and women elderly and children were allowed to leave the area for her. Russian did not kill zhnschin and children, as do Americans. About the divergent views of Americans. On the one hand, he believes that the U.S. military is very proud, they do not respect anybody, humiliate people and no respect for tradition. On the other hand, he said, Americans are afraid of even their own shadows, they do not go out of their bases and, by and large, only control them.

In the end the director said that the Russian was killed about 1.5 million Afghans and it would be nice to reflect on, to pay compensation for these losses.

04. Kids.

05. Special person who goes to class and beat with a stick of children. Especially a lot of work with him in the end of each change. Without a stick kids just do not go to classes.

06. About the school will be a single large office.

07. But the main goal yesterday was Barga. According to a credible source right next to the Bagram base has long flourished trade ammunition and equipment stolen from the warehouses of the American army. Do not trust these data bases was not, after all, the man himself was there and described the purchase details. Unfortunately, the information was outdated. Trade began to press for a long time, but lately the market is fully dispersed. All because of the Taliban, who bought the American form here and made it an attack on the base of the international coalition and local police. Trade covered the entire country.

Hoping that at least something should be preserved, we arrived at the place. Sellers in contact refused to go, were extremely reticent. How then told my driver, they were going to beat our expedition. I was an American, which trains the next raid. As recently as two weeks ago, Americans have been on the market said shops selling stolen goods, returned with police and seized all they could.

08. In Bagram, do absolutely nothing. Dusty, hot, and some military bases. Fences and the strengthening of doing so such grids filled with sand. In the photo shows a boy, what happens if thrown into a fortress grenade.

09. The dust and heat, they are everywhere, yet very strong hot wind. It's like before you put a bowl of road dust and dryer included.


11. Around Bagram are many brick factories.

12. In large oven baked bricks.


14. The plant employs a lot of children. There is very little, 5-6 years. Where to watch human rights organizations?

15. But these animals can be found in the fields;)

16. During the war years, Soviet tanks abandoned on roadsides have become a symbol of the country. Recently, however, found an abandoned warehouse technology is becoming increasingly difficult. Local residents said that the "yes-and-a-while, is full of such places," but soon admitted that it was full of what is now possible to find a cemetery of Soviet technology know not all. Quite by accident managed to find one of these stores. Driving along the road to Jalalabad one can see remnants of what once was a military technology. Location is near the military base and it's bad. Military throughout the world differ suspicion and Afghanistan is no exception. Retrieved on himself, the enemy does not come close to the abandoned tanks. Is on its way to the base I was arrested and carried to the base commander. The meeting did not initially otlichalalas warmth.

"Russian? A-ah, yes we will beat the Russian in a well-80" - and the colonel began to reminisce about his youth madzhahedskoy. He fought and was a commander in the army of Ahmad Shah Massoud. He also nepryaminul pay tribute to Russian soldiers. At first the situation seemed tense, but gradually relaxed. Memories indulged in a major, which proved to be fought on the government side. Soon appeared on the table tea and sweets, and by the end of a conversation the colonel invited this evening to visit him for dinner. "You're so sorry," - said goodbye to the Colonel - "I want my people have reported that what the" Uzbek Taliban 'goes around the base, so you and invited to interview. Of course go take pictures of these tanks as you want! "

17. About This cemetery will be a separate post.

18. On the roads of permanent checkpoints. Driver's something to ask, but I do not understand. They say, you need to get permission to film in a sort of ministry, but I do not know what to do and why you need this permission, no one asks.

19. And here's what a Kabul, once green and clean city transformed into a prison-fortress. Why make such a huge fences?



22. For the Land Cruiser goes unmarked car with a guard. If you have money, you can quite legally collect and equip your own army.

Today I leave Kabul and headed north to Mazar-i-Sharif. The road there goes through the pass and takes about 10 hours.

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