[kl-bogel] Afghanistan, travel notes, day 5

The fifth day turned out not interesting. The whole day was spent on the road, I drove east to Faizabad, where I waited for the poppy fields. The situation on the road has deteriorated in recent days, a suicide bomber blew up yesterday, so the driver refused to stop, and almost all the way we passed without stopping. The road itself is not very interesting, but military bases and checkpoints entertained me.

01. As I said, yesterday ended a terrible night in a barn with insects. Here's my room for 3 people.

02. To escape the flies and beetles zlah had to go to sleep on the street. Here in this beautiful place and I spent the night. It is worth noting that this was a very good night for the first time for the whole trip, I slept well in the fresh air. At 4 am I was awakened by some people who started to walk around my "bed".

03. Quick breakfast bread with tea and went to buy a carpet. As I've written, ATM in Mazar-e Sharif was not there. I had to look for the bank. They agreed to redeem the card required amount, at the same time retained a 5% commission.

04. The whole day I spent on the road, so fast, probably not very interesting. The situation on the road from Mazar-i-Sharif, Faizabad to turbulent. Just yesterday, a suicide bomber exploded near a mosque, and the thugs hooligans. Strongly recommended that the driver to stop, saying that they should not attract attention because it can not get there;). I had to shoot through a dirty car window. For example, some people are looking for something.

05. Landscapes are bleak. almost all the way outside the wilderness.

06. The only entertainment - photography checkpoints. They are located every few kilometers. To dangerous parts of the fortress standing every 500 meters, also occupied all the heights.

07. The situation is very strange. On the one hand, all very calmly. On the other, where n look, be sure to come across people with guns who are doing something. And if you are a column of foreign troops, then feel at a military parade.

08. Typical landscape.

09. The military are doing something ...

10. In the villages, which also can not stop, go to the police.

11. Checkpoint Afghan army. Nearly every post on the road makes an artificial obstacle to drivers to slow down the speed. Usually just put the caterpillar from the tank.

12. Suddenly, the meeting appeared a column of German technology. Do not have time to focus properly)

13. Avganskie military always ride on pickup trucks. sitting in the back by armed men.

14. As I said, over military bases here are flying balloons with cameras to monitor the situation around the base.

15. But a slice of the American base. It is evident that they have air conditioning - a luxury in the Afghan outback. Judging by the satellite dish, they also have Internet access.

16. Normally checkpoints are collected here from such nets filled with sand. Of them can build a whole castle!

17. caught in the hills here are masterpieces.

18. At some stations stop, forcing open the trunk and check the documents. React to the camera is not very good.

19. Road.

20. another castle. I have them on nasnimali whole book;)

21. Children are tearing some grass.

22. Do not quite understand what it is. The driver allowed to run out of the car for a couple of minutes and do some training. Then long worried that we might see and steal.


24. Look at the cute kids!



27. A afgatsev fashion - for use on glass loboe pictures of national heroes. Some glue directly posters A2 size!

28. We stopped at a roadside eatery. This is my lunch.


30. Along the way a lot of rusty machinery.

31. All the villages look like this.




35. The remains of the tank.

36. In the evening came to Fayzabat! The city is very beautiful and interesting. I travel with a guide LonelyPlanet on Afghanistan from 2007. In it I found a hotel. It was written in the recommendations, "the best hotel Faizabad. It is located directly across the river in a picturesque place. If you find a hotel with the best views, be sure to let us know!" The hotel is really located on a river. When I approached him, he decided that he had abandoned. Glasses were dirty, the walls have evolved through the trees, the building itself was in poor condition. It turned out that it works. Inside, though, he looked more like a hostel illegal migrant workers. The stench is terrible, the rooms for 10 people live, do not change clothes, cook directly in the "rooms". Toilet one-on-the entire building. A room in this corner of paradise cost only $ 65. I went to look for another place to sleep. Soon, the driver took me to the guesthouse. He was much more comfortable "best hotel" of the city. $ 50 was a bed, fan and shower. It later emerged that the city has no electricity. The owner of my guesthouse include a generator only 5 hours a day.

37. The view from the window.

38. You have it. In general, rural Afghanistan is totally different from Kabul and other major cities. Here no one guarding the hotel, there are no huge fences. Not here, restaurants, cafes, internet, ATMs, shops, there is nothing to what we used to, and it's great! Life here has stopped in the middle ages, nothing has changed. People treated with a field hand, there are no tractors and combines. There are no factories, no electricity. But more on that in the following positions.

The next day I went to remove the poppy fields, but more on that tomorrow!

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