[kl-bogel] Flooding in North Dakota, USA

Severe flooding in the city of Minot, which is located in the central part of the U.S. state of North Dakota, has been going on for several days. On Wednesday, about 12 thousand people were evacuated from the Minot-record for fear of rising water levels in the River Suris, which flows through the city.

(30 photos)

1. River Suris burst its banks.

2. Flood waters of the river broke an earthen dam Suris and flooded the city Minot grain elevator.

3. Flooded Minot.

4. Flooded Burlington.

5. Flooded Minot.

6. Submerged gas station company «Conoco».

7. Flooded Burlington.

8. The route from the city volva. North Dakota.

9. Volva flooded city.

10. Burlington.

11. Burlington.

12. Residents volva flee their homes.

13. Burlington


15. Burlington

16. Burlington

17.Zheleznaya road near the town of Burlington

18. Artificial obstacles in the water.

19. The road near the city of Burlington.

20. Warehouses in the water near the town of Burlington.

21. Highway to the west of Minot.

22. Railway Station Minot.

23. Golf course.

24. Preparation of the garage to flood.

25. Flooded Minot.

26. Flooded town hypermarket Minot.

27. Flooded Minot

28. Flooded Minot

29. Burlington.

30. House in North Dakota

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