[kl-bogel] Kazakhstan Pemenang Miss Eurasia 2011 (10 photos)

In Turkey, an international beauty contest "Miss Eurasia 2011". Participated in the contest most beautiful girls from all over the Eurasian continent.

The crown went to the representative of Kazakhstan, Inessa Nazarova.

To enter the contest winners were invited to national and regional competitions and festivals beauty countries and republics of Europe and Asia.

Requirements for participants: university studies, inclusive education, the availability of creative talent, knowledge of foreign languages ​​and history of their country, and, of course, professional model data - an increase of at least 174 cm, good looks and a professional model parameters.

Kazakhstan was represented by Inessa Nazarova. Having engaged in the business model in 19 years, she graduated with honors from Karaganda Economic University, and at the same time in their '24 has many titles, fashion and beauty, such as "The best fashion model in Kazakhstan", "Best Model of the Year" and others.

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