[kl-bogel] Nasib menjadi rusa di potong tanduk

The first recipe healing medicine of antlers appeared in China in 168 BC. Oe. Over time, knowledge about the beneficial properties of pant dispersed around the world and now deer antler is well developed in Kazakhstan, China and New Zealand. In one of the most beautiful places in our country, in eastern Kazakhstan, in Caton Karagai area is a small farm of 500 maralovoe heads, where since May preparing to cut pant.

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1. In summer the antlers are cut every three days. The procedure for cutting is early morning, so weakened deer do not come under the bright sun

2. For this maralovody rise at five am and go to the pasture, where grazing deer


4. To drive the deer antler in the paddock, we have to use maralovodam loud cries of Indian

5. From a herd selected only those whose top reaches 5-7 cm antlers

6. The beaters choose one deer and discourage him from the rest of the herd

7. Bulat, who owns maralovoe economy, is also involved in cutting pant

8. Selected deer falls into the "machine" - is such a special unit of two metal plates that are clamped on the sides of the animal

9. On the face deer wearing so-called "accordion" to fix the head. In our time, cutting antlers is a humane procedure. In the old days just for the sake of animal horns were killed

10. Sawing the horns is a very delicate procedure: You can easily damage the delicate antlers during cutting, so Bulat saws off the horns myself. Makes this an ordinary handsaw or chainsaw, but in any case not electric, it can easily be hurt resisting deer

11. Everything happens very quickly. On the whole procedure of spending about three minutes, as the horns themselves are very soft


13. Antlers - a young, neokostenevshie antlers of sika deer, covered with soft skin and nourish the blood. Preparations based on pant is the most effective and safe adaptogens on the planet

14. In oriental medicine panty pounded or ground into powder and taken in such a way as medicine. Studies confirm that in red deer antlers and the blood contains a huge amount of bioactive substances, protein compounds and energetic from pure natural form, which are necessary not only for the treatment of various diseases, but also as a preventive measure for healthy people

15. Next year at this place will grow new antlers


17. Antlers are cut from red deer once in a year. Among the red deer, there are those who have passed more than one cut-off

18. Antler deer blood entering the human body, becomes a carrier of the healing power, which corrects deviations from the norm, and restores the broken exchange at the cellular level. The result is increased efficiency of immune system, accelerates healing, faster restores bone structure, improving the intellectual and physical condition, increased sexual stamina, and slow down the aging process

19. Fresh blood from deer tastes thick and warm

20. From the blood of deer do Pantohematogen believed that drugs based on its increased vitality rights, strengthen the will to contribute to the growth of teeth, dissolve bladder stones, heal festering sores in the bones and tempers temper

21. Place cut-off horns treated with a special solution - "alum", in which naphthalene was added to cuts heal faster and not been infected by insects


23. After put the necessary vaccinations and animal produce at will

24. Sometimes the deer in a pen, competing with each other, damaging antlers

25. Sloman antlers are collected and sewn together. This horn is already defective and are sold at a discount price on the market. All antlers are exported to Korea. In Kazakhstan, almost not involved in the production of medicines from pant

26. To grind into a powder antlers, they need to conserve. To do this, they are boiled, fried and dried for 2 months. Before cooking fresh cut antlers wrapped in bandages from the top, so that during cooking, foam crown not broke

27. The water in the tank must boil to the desired temperature, about 85 -100 ° C

28. Cook antlers to preserve useful properties and purification. For three days they dipped into boiling water for a minute or two, depending on weight

29. Horn is immersed in water up until the cut begins to exude blood. Then antlers are removed and allowed to dry off

30. Chan holds a 900 liters of water

31. All this procedure is doing is by hand, under a burning ferry

32. The temperature in the tank is maintained at all times

33. Adalbergen is the main specialist maralovogo economy. He is an experienced pantovar with 15 years experience, all his life he lived and worked in the area Caton Karagai

34. After cooking, the liquid remains the most valuable - the same healing "sorpa" so-called antler bath. It is also useful as a medicine of the pant

35. Guests relax after antler baths. However, the processing of pant is not over, still waiting for their long journey through the fryer and the dryer before the antlers become a product for export to Korea

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