[kl-bogel] Coronado-one of the most expensive places to live California (46 photos)

Coronado, also known as the island of Coronado, located approximately 5 miles from downtown San Diego. World Report says Coronado one of the most expensive places to live throughout California. In the 2000m, the small 2uh bedrumny house could easily cost over $ 1,000,000. That's where we are today and head ...

Coronado-one of the most expensive places to live California (46 photos)


2.Na Coronado can be reached via a beautiful bridge that connects Downtown to the island.

3.Dauntaun San Diego. I want to make pictures of this photo pictures and hang at home, I love San Diego

4.Koronado has become a major resort center in 1888 after the opening of Hotel del Coronado, which, incidentally, filmed "Some Like It Hot" with Marilyn Monroe.

Weather in June in California is very changeable, but nice ... my first visit to Coronado came in cloudy weather, but the other day I found a beautiful place in clear weather, so you have the opportunity to appreciate this place in two different coverings

5.Gulyaya the streets of Coronado, occasionally you can smell the old, but close to the beach come across such lovely modern villa.

6.A here and the famous Hotel Coronado

7.Segodnya above the beach thick low clouds, people are not so much as another winter in Cali.




11.Plyazh very wide, maybe a football field would easily fit here

12.My walked along the beach and decided to go to the famous Hotel del Coronado









21.Lyustra in the hotel lobby





26.Retro cabinet)

27.Shampanskoe, which is produced at the hotel, as I understand it by name


29.Turizm is an essential source of income Coronado, The Travel Channel in 2008 awarded the Coronado beach fifth place among the best beaches in the United States.

30.Den 2

Imagine if I turned on the lights and winter bloom Coronado



33.Kstati, see how far over the ocean, hanging gray clouds ... it happens often, at Coronado sun otedesh slightly to the north on Mission beach, for example, and there is clouds.




37.Segodnya were great waves ...

38.Budka rescuers








Also in Coronado is the Naval Amphibious Base Navy, which is one of the main commanders of the military centers of the west coast. Recently found funny about this base.

At the base there is one building that has attracted attention to himself. Four buildings in the form of letter L, built in the late 60s, are part of the military landing base in Coronado and serve as barracks for "Sea of ​​bees" (Naval Construction Battalions)

From the ground and from neighboring buildings form a swastika is not noticeable. Over the base does not pass any air corridor and had no one noticed the unusual characteristics, while Google Earth has not received enough popularity. Following this theme a swastika on the U.S. military base were often grind in the blogosphere.

According to the Navy, the fact that buildings constructed under the project of the local architect John Mock, will have a location in the form of a swastika, seen only after the foundation in 1967. Since the swastika is not visible from the ground, decided not to make the plan no changes. Later, the Navy set out to meet the public and promised to sit the trees to somehow close the swastika in the square.

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