[kl-bogel] Museum of SRF in Balabanovo

In some paltry 100 km from Moscow to Kiev highway is a wonderful museum of strategic rocket forces at the training center of SRF. Customers in a huge hangar can enjoy virtually the entire history of the Soviet missile from the P-2 to Poplar and even assembled here learning the layout of mine command center.
However, there is one drawback - the museum at the military unit and therefore there ordinary people are not allowed, and allowed complex, but does not allow much to photograph.

(36 photos)

1. In an open area lined up a variety of vehicles SRF. Not without its "master" - Willows. To distinguish RT-2PM Topol on Topol-M RT-2PM2 easily on wheels - a first modification 7 wheelset

2. Assembled the whole thing on the MAZ-7917 - 15U168. If the Soviet era in the production of Topol was attended by many Soviet republics, now in a Topol-M missiles of foreign manufacture of chassis (Belarus, Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant - MZKT)

3. Fuel consumption per 100 km - 200 liters. When tanks of 800 liters will be enough for 400 km. Next we have to wait for a tanker, or in an emergency diesel fuel to drain out of the car to ensure that follows along with the starting complex and other necessary machines

4. Here is the driver's seat. That's right, the last thing the area is assigned to the windows (so as not to frighten the horrors of nuclear war)

5.Vse very easily controlled, automatic gearbox, etc.


7. Pedals two brake gags left foot.

8.Srazu sits behind the driver who I forgot already, but it faces a beautiful telegraph, which was not allowed to take pictures

9.Komandir goes right in a separate cabin. In the winter coat in there very tightly. In this new modification of Topol lack eliminated

10.Po intelligent machine is called a "unit 15U168." Accordingly, this unit is based on the MAZ-7917 carries a rocket 15ZH58 in transport-launch container. The container maintains temperature and humidity conditions with all heaters, coolers and dehumidifiers. Solid-fuel rocket is sensitive to sudden changes in temperature, so although it may be stored at temperatures ranging from -50 to +50, but the main thing to avoid abrupt changes.


12.Zabyl about the most secret - gyro. Previously, he was so secret that it was impossible to even look at his right side the car. Now you can examine his side, but the compass is strictly sheathed.

13.Dalee go to the car to ensure alert - MOBD, 15V148 unit.
Mounted on MAZ-543M and serves as a power to "rocket car" (two diesel generators to 30 kW), as well as for life support personnel in an amount up to 10 people

14.Vnutri one quadruple and one coupe


16.V a cozy atmosphere, you can comfortably travel to the position where you destroy the world

17.V a cozy atmosphere, you can comfortably travel to the position where you destroy the world

18.Stolovaya no kitchen - money. Therefore, a separate compartment has a kitchen. To the right stove, fridge on the left

19.V refrigerator all on the shelves, not to herring and sausage mixed with no shaking of the fields and meadows


21.Voobsche the food there should be no problems. Would that I could not find a box for oranges and strawberries


23.Voda cold, hot water - all what you want

24.Gde in the corridor is located switchboard

25.I unit of radiation and chemical reconnaissance GO-27

26.Takzhe placed in the corridor and drying racks for clothes and shoes

27.V tail compartment is placed with a machine gun turret and connected equipment, which, despite its 30 years of age still is secret and can not be photographed
By the way, here such a nice car selling for only 650 thousand rubles

28.Dalshe send them the secret machines, that they are even not remember well. So let's get straight to the learning launches
This model of mine command center, where officers are trained in shooting rockets

29.Seychas just received the command to make starting ...

30 .... And the rockets flew in the U.S. (or maybe not, but where they still fly?). Now you can relax, fasten your seat belts and wait for enemy missiles hit (we do not shoot yourself first, and only in response).

31.Samoe beautiful - exhibition launch, housed in a huge building. Unfortunately, there were not allowed to shoot everywhere, because here and there placed the rocket standing on the arms

32.Rakety arranged in chronological order of their creation and can clearly see how developed our power and engineering thought. Unfortunately, lacking only the very first Soviet ballistic missile R-1, a copy of the German V-2, which is dense in the 1950s to save the forgotten stories

33.Esche of the downsides - it is impossible to see at least the layout of the nuclear charge. Here is a false goal and they say it about like this

34.Takzhe in the building built full-scale mine command center. Height for the two floors was not enough and they are available separately

35.Vnutri also hosts panels for launching missiles and conducted training of cadets. There were not allowed to shoot, although our Ukrainian friends long ago turned into an outdoor museum
On the other hand showed a living room, which is somewhat different from what they had seen me earlier Ukrainian counterpart

36.I first time I saw it looks like a toilet pit SRF


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