[kl-bogel] Armenia, travel notes, day 1

In Armenia, I was only 3 days. This time I decided not to break records on the topics as I do normally, and to describe their journey in the format of travel writing. The first day was, unfortunately, most unsuccessful. First summed Armavia, with its crumbling Superjet, then met with "welcoming taxi drivers" and the end of the first day spoiled poorly chosen restaurant. Looking ahead to say that the negative impression of the country on the first day it was misleading. Armenia amazing, interesting and beautiful country, above all not to stay in Yerevan, and just take the car and go to the mountains!

01. In Yerevan, I flew the airline Armavia, just tell me she did not like it. First, they fly right out of the three Moscow airports Sheremetyevo, Vnukovo and Domodedovo. When ordering tickets, I still failed to pick up flights to take off and fly to the same airport. As a result, had twice ordered a taxi, instead of coming by car and leave it parked for 2 days.

02. In Armenia, we flew to the "pride of the domestic aviation industry," a brand new Sukhoi Superjet 100. When buying tickets, I saw that the flight to Yerevan is running on this samoelete, I'm very glad I was wondering what was built in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

03. Before I could get on an airplane as a flight attendant once told me that take on board is strictly prohibited. Until I sat down, 2 more flight attendants feel the need to step up and say that THEY REMOVED IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED, although I was not going to shoot. I soon realized the reason for concern about the capture of the crew on board. Brand new aircraft collapsed. Despite the fact that the board operates regular flights to more than a month, the salon was in a deplorable state. Hatches, which were hidden behind oxygen masks not fit or does not hold. The doors on the baggage shelves spontaneously opened. Protecting glass porthole is made of a thin film of cheap, because of that through him what to shoot, even just to look normal is impossible. And through the cracks in the skin compartment, I was able to examine the wiring, insulation sheets, and other viscera of the domestic aviation industry pride. I am a great airplane and will compete with Boeing and Airbus, especially in the dry stop to save on finishing materials and workmanship. In the meantime, it's just flying LADA. Here are a few shots salon captured on phone: http://yfrog.com/hsefepgj http://yfrog.com/h33dezfjj

But he thinks about the Superjet [Info] aleshru : "REM - a brand new product on the domestic and international aviation market. In Russia, not issued anything like that ever. The latter developed in our aircraft was designed in the USSR. Superjet fully meet international standards, great shows itself in operation ( http:/ / aviaforum.ru / showpost.php? p = 8401 17 & postcount = 423 here is what they write about the first month of operation at aviaforume). SuperJet is a real breakthrough for our aircraft, both in terms of production (it is ultramodern) and in terms of the final product. Superjet _REALNO_ leaves our aviation chance of survival. "

Yerevan Airport saychas actively constructed and reconstructed. At passport control at the electronic scoreboard cause. Surprisingly, at the exit of the arrivals hall for you not to snatch the taxi drivers with the offer of their services. I think the leaders of the Moscow airports need to rush to training in Armenia, so they were told how to drive from the airport all the illegal taxi drivers. And while the arrival halls of airports in the capital more closely resemble the bazaar than a modern European airport terminal.

Taxi drivers are waiting in the square near the exit. I phoned the company, in which pre-ordered the machine. A trip to the city center have been to do in 3000 drams (about 250 rubles). I went to the machine:
- I ordered a taxi - I turn to the driver,
- Let's go!
- And how much - just in case I decide I specify a price
- Let's go!
- How much?
- 5000!
- Wait, I said 3000!
- What 3000? Where have you seen these prices in general? There is no such prices have! 5000, go!
- Manager, said that the price of travel will be 3000!
- Let's go for 4000!
In the end, after several minutes of "trade" the taxi driver agrees to take him to the city for 3000.

We arrived at Hotel Golden Tulip. I had already booked a room on the site, put the data card and received confirmation.
- Hello, we backed up the room.
- Can your passport? - Extend my girlfriend documents - you do not have armor on!
- What do you mean? I booked through your site!
- Ah! Well, we do not know, we've got no internet. What number do you need?
Call the reservation, just in case I decide Pricing
- This number will cost 90 000 drams per night.
- Wait, but the site says 75 000, and I received confirmation of your reservation at this price - show a girl a printout of your reservation
- But we have no internet here! Okay, populate, at the exit will decide what to do with you.
In general, to solve financial problems after the provision of services in Armenia like. The seller appears LATEST opportunities you raise the price and the buyer less room to fold it. But one thing a taxi or a market, another "one of the best hotels in the city," as they call themselves.

The hotel itself is, of course, not even close to the 5 stars are not drawn. By European standards, it is average of 4 stars. Especially gives staff:
- How many of you live in a room? - With an unexpected question to the room breaks into a woman. Judging by the tone of voice she has extensive experience in Soviet hotels
- Two people, why?
- So you position 2 sets of towels! I'll get!

Yerevan itself did not like it. It looks more like a poor Arab town than a capital city with a long history. History is now in Yerevan, only the Soviet, and even that in a deplorable state.

Under Soviet rule, there was a large-scale reconstruction of Yerevan, conducted in 1924 by Alexander O. Tamanyan who developed the special national style, using elements of traditional church architecture and tufa as a building material. During this reconstruction, the city has completely changed his appearance, almost all the existing buildings were destroyed (among them - the fortress, whose stone has gone on lining the waterfront, Palace Sardar, almost all churches and mosques). New streets were laid out.

The Soviet authorities built a new, convenient for the Soviet citizen city with wide avenues and spacious squares, parks and fountains. After destroying the historical center, destroying the Soviet architects and spirit of the city. Now it's faceless, shabby, uninteresting city, where tourists have absolutely nothing to do. Themselves residents of Yerevan continue to go the road of Soviet bulldozers. A few old buildings and neighborhoods are demolished, rebuilt and destroyed, and in the center appear tasteless modern boxes of cheap Chinese decorative materials. Finally spoils the impression ads, which covers a thick layer of the urban landscape. Yerevan for some reason I recalled a very Alma-Ata.

04. Even the street signs have managed to sell to advertisers.

05. On weekends, the city works, "Opening day" - a huge breakdown, where you can buy junk and souvenirs.

06. sell everything from tablecloths and scarves, to old clothes. Vernissage on a lot of tourists and local residents, vendors say in English.

07. The old kitchen utensils.



10. Icons.












22. Nothing interesting I have not found it. Carpets are expensive and substandard. Much worse than in Iran, but are more expensive. Almost no souvenir, and the Soviet dishes may be only interested in foreign tourists.


24. I decided to go down into the subway. Remove it strictly impossible, and there is nothing. Ordinary Soviet underground. Train just two cars, go with long intervals. Station damaged advertising.

25. Central subway station. Judging by the state, nobody had ever done it in 20 years.

26. In the center you can find a quiet, cozy courtyards.


28. And of course samostroya masterpieces. It is the center of the city.

29. In Yerevan, do nothing. Most beauty begins in the country. The city has several rolling offices, including international. I took a Honda CRV for two days, it cost $ 200. I do not recommend taking in Armenia cars. roads are very bad and can cause problems. When you plan a journey by car, please note that in Armenia is very expensive gasoline. 95 liter costs about 50 rubles.

30. - It's Ararat? - I asked the shepherd
- Yes, Ararat, Ararat, our! - He answers

Ararat is perhaps the most famous symbol of Armenia and is depicted on its coat of arms, though today the mountain is in Turkey. After the formation in 1918, the Democratic Republic of Armenia the country is also called Armenian "Ararat republic." The land on which is Mount Ararat, passed from the Armenian SSR (formed November 29, 1920) to Turkey on the Moscow and Kars treaties of 1921. Mount Ararat famous marine painter Ivan Aivazovsky, wrote at least ten times. At an exhibition in Paris at the question of the presence in his creation of the Armenian Aivazovsky said: "This is our Armenia" and led to the painting "Descent from Ararat in November."




34. In Gurnee is one of the main attractions in Armenia - rebuilt from the ruins of the Soviet era in a pagan temple I. Mr. Oe. which is a neat peripter Hellenistic-Roman type.


36. And in the gorge is hexagonal basalt columns, but there was little time and I'm not going down there.


38. In the north-east, seven kilometers from the Garni gorge up the river Azat Gegard the famous, famous for his rock architecture, successfully compete with surface structures.

39. Gegart-literally means "Monastery of the spear."

40. The name of the monastery complex is the spear of Longinus, which pierced the body of Jesus Christ on the Cross, and is said to have brought to Armenia Apostle Thaddeus, among many other relics. Now on display in the treasury of the spear Echmiadzin.







47. Now all the major attractions are displays with information including the blind in different languages!



50. On the way to Yerevan, we stopped at a restaurant. Asked the menu, the waitress said that there is no menu at hand, but she will tell all. Made an order, while waiting for the menu and found the look for money. Shashlik cost 200 rubles. When at the end of dinner, the waitress brought the bill, there kebab was worth 450 rubles, the entire bill was more than double. When I asked why prices differ so much from the menu, the waitress said "we have the summer menu, and now another spring, so the prices are higher." As I understand it, many restaurants and cafes operate in a "me, but in the end will be a surprise!".




54. Drove back to town for very long. It was getting dark quickly and several times I swerved the wrong way. Pointers little mark on the way there at all, and started a navigator in a deadlock. Instead of 30 minutes, I wandered over an hour, and when I arrived at the center of the city saw a picture here. With some of the holiday crowds thronged to the people. And the police do not cut off any street, people walking between the cars, all movement stopped.

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