[kl-bogel] Armenia, travel notes, day 2

We continue our tour of Armenia. In the first day I took the car and managed to see several attractions not far from Yerevan . The second day was more productive. I made a great circular route to Lake Sevan, and tried to capture all the major attractions. Contrary to expectations, 300 kilometers overcome very quickly, there is time for an evening stroll and go to Yerevan on the old Ferris wheel at an amusement park.

01. Khor Virap is almost on the state border with Turkey, in close proximity to the foot of Mount Ararat. The monastery is situated above an underground prison in which the Armenian king Trdat III contained in prison for 13 years St. Gregory the Illuminator, before it was converted to Christianity (in 301). From the monastery, because of the special closeness, opens extraordinary views of biblical Mount Ararat.

02. You can climb the hill nearby.


04. On the walls of the church of St. Mary tourists leave their names. Nikalay Gusakov made it as far back as 1931.


06. The old cemetery.

07. new cemetery.

08. See what a mustache!


10. From the road I saw a blossoming poppy fields. Turned, went on a long dirt road. On the field, the locals were treated with apricot trees.






16. This is a small snake. In the fields there are poisonous snakes. I used to crawl in the grass near the old church, looking for the angle, and came across a large bright green snake. I do not know whether it was poisonous, but more successful in the grass, I was not looking for angles.

17. And here is the poppies!





22. The white dots in the center - it's sheep.


24. It should be noted that Armenia is one of the cleanest countries. I've seen. This is very similar to Iceland, where for hundreds of miles along the road will not find even a cigarette butt. Armenia walk along the roads and collect garbage scavengers for careless drivers.

25. In the village of Areni sell homemade wine. Costs about 100R per liter.

26. Still there is the Church of the Holy Virgin.

27. It was built in 1321 by order of Prince Tarsaicha Orbelian Momik architect. At the western entrance to the tympanum carved image of the Virgin. Four internal rows of columns connected by arches at the top, on which rests the dome. The dome collapsed in 1840 during an earthquake, is now restored.

28. Next to the church - the ruins of the palace ishhanskogo. Near the village there is also a cave, "Cave Birds" and Magilskaya cave.


30. Inside there is no one can enter freely.






36. Near the monastery is located Areni Noravank, built in the XIII century AD, on the ledge of a narrow winding gorge of the Arpa River. Noravank was founded in 1205 by Bishop Hovhannes, a former abbot of the monastery in Vaganavanke.


38. Next we drove north through the pass in the direction of Lake Sevan.


40. Weather finally deteriorated, the temperature dropped to 3 degrees.

41. In the mountains, locals gathered some grass, similar to sorrel.

42.Sobirayut whole bag.

43. But are such lovely houses in mountain villages.


45. We descended the mountain lake of Sevan. Once the sun came out. All blooms.

46. Sevan - the largest mountain lake in the world after Lake Titicaca is also the largest lake in Armenia's water resources. Until 1930 was called as Gökçen, which translated from Turkic means "blue water".

47. Sevan is located at an altitude of 1,900 meters, its depth reaches 99 meters into the lake 28 rivers, follows a river Razdan (a tributary of the Arax).

48. During 2006 - 2010, the lake level rose to 25 - 35 cm per year.



51. Noraduz village, the largest known graveyard of cross-stones, it has some 900 cross-stones from different eras and styles. After the destruction of the Government of Azerbaijan in the cemetery of khachkars Juga, the cemetery is a cross-stones in Noratus same and the largest in the world.

52. A characteristic feature of most cross-stones is a cross with a sun disc below it. The rest of the stone is decorated with images of leaves, grapes, pomegranates, or abstract patterns. Most of the cross-stones in the cemetery Noraduz dated 13-17th centuries, is the oldest dates back to the 5th century.


54. The road along the lake is now repaired and in some areas here have organized such a tour.

55. In Yerevan returned in the afternoon. Quarter went to see expensive cottages on the north to the botanical gardens. Even here, the total road broken down. Pay attention to clothes that are dried on the balcony and air conditioning unit. Why the new big house not planned central air-conditioning and drying room is unclear.

56. At Victory Park has an observation deck.

57. Opens a good view of the city.


59. Sport-Concert Complex after Karen Demirchyan "Amalir" - one of the biggest concert in Yerevan complexes. It has two large halls - a concert and sports.


61. There is an amusement park. Almost all of them left over from Soviet times.





66. Parking in and around Yerevan's main attractions are almost always paid, is slightly less than 20 rubles.

67. Public transport is separated by a rubber bump stop.

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