[kl-bogel] Life of migrant workers in Moscow. Part 2

The evening of 23 June, the organization of "The Quiet Center" dedicated to finding the settlements illegal visitors from the former Soviet republics had another raid together with the staff of the FMS in the center of Moscow.

As the "cavalry" were correspondents NTV, Ren, Russia Today and photographers publications.
Empty houses in the center of Moscow populate migrants, "thanks" to that historic buildings - often monuments - are rapidly converted in bomzhatniki. Authorities in this process does not respond ....

See also reports of illegal migrant workers hostel ; Life migrant workers in Moscow .

(22 photos)




3. Kip formed in the Middle Kislovsky Lane, in a house built in the XIX century merchant Lang.
In the 1880s, there lived a famous ballerina Ekaterina Geltzer, then used the building as a dormitory for
students at the Moscow Conservatory. Now, instead of dancers and singers in the future there live about
100 illegal migrants from Central Asia.

4. Covered the actions of the Federal Migration Service of Moscow militiamen.

5. - Open, Russian Federal Migration Service.

6. In each room crowded with several dozen people with minor children.

7. There is a modest apartment.

8. Illegal immigrants are asked to go outside, stay long in places where they live is not possible.


10. On the question - what are you doing here? - The majority answered that they do not live here, some friends arrived.

11. Shoe rack at the entrance.

12. One of the rooms of illegal residences.


14. Fellow FMS with passports.
I asked him - how to check the passport and documents of migrant workers set for authenticity.
I was told that only through the database, very high quality fakes.

15. Observer. Neither the press nor to the FMS, this relationship was not a citizen. Who are you stranger?

16. Housing for everyone pays three thousand rubles. per month. Who does the money go, migrants are not recognized.


18. Two hours later came for moms with babies.
This citizen has a Russian passport, the passport to this form. Residence there, the child's passport is not entered.
Soon expecting her second. Passport received in the Irkutsk region.

19. And those who managed to prevent. They sat on a nearby street and waiting when staff leave the FMS.
Behaved aggressively. I think they were on drugs.

20. Another observer, who warned of coming to an illegal hostel.

21. Police officers arrived on call in three hours ...

22. The police does not respond to signals from, say, the competence of the FMS, and FMS has the right to arrange for checks without prosecution. So, what is a vicious circle.

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