[kl-bogel] Bekas kapal angkasa rusia buat jual kati...

Delight! Just puppy enthusiasm to climb the metal structure, trying to find entrance, then walk slowly from the ceiling to sag the boards ahead to where cabin, in the hope that it will get into. Go down again and up the stairs, slipped through the hatches, and then reaching the goal, to stand up on the roof. Just as in childhood, when my friends and I found the cemetery written-off vehicles in the bus park. But that was only the old public transport, but here ... real spacecraft.

Cancelled pride domestic space - the parent modified orbiter 11F35 second series (third flight) - product 2.01, bought by the pharmaceutical company, after a few muddy resale either German, or Bahrain, and many years of standing on the dock Khimki Reservoir, finally found refuge in Zhukovsky. His will restore and show at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS.

Its more successful brethren just floated on the Moscow River from the Tushino machine factory to airfield in Zhukovsky, they were loaded into a large-capacity aircraft and delivered to Baikonur.

Only this time, this rarest of transportation on water, the spacecraft has not been classified

Aft fuselage and wing

The influx of left-wing

View just in front

I could not miss the opportunity to climb inside.

Type of flight to the internal volume

Command module

Here, I could not resist and the first time in his life took a picture of myself on a mobile phone on the background of something.

And got to the "roof"

Already climbed from below, about the same as this girl. Local people, hearing about a spaceship, began to fill in jetty.

The very famous ceramic tile, more thermal coating. Break off the memory did not, even if it costs $ 3,000 apiece.

An unusually light and even weightless, despite its thickness. Inside a foam, tried to set fire - does not burn. Still, it can withstand temperatures of 1600 degrees. But its coverage can be broken with a light touch of a finger.

If you read the Twitter community [Info] ridus_news , then we could know the time when the spacecraft will swim past the Kremlin. And maybe even make a frame like this . Join the community and you will learn everything first.

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