Monday, June 27, 2011

[kl-bogel] Mesir gambar lama....

Various old photos of Egypt. Almost all photos full size.
Pyramid of Djoser.

European ladies next to the fortress wall of Cairo.

The mausoleum of al-Sultan in the southern cemetery of Cairo.

Egyptian dancer

Cafe in Cairo

The interior of an apartment house in Cairo.

Such is the Egyptian yogi ..

Different types of cities of the dead in Cairo

The mosque and mausoleum of Sultan Barkuka in the North Cemetery.


North Cemetery - Karafat al Sharkiriyya

Southern Cemetery El Carafa.

Interesting photos of dead cities, in the left corner is visible photographers palanquin

Here is the litter ...

The procession on the streets of Cairo

Transportation harem

Cairo changed

Southern Egypt - warriors of the tribe Bishara.

And the same soldiers in the Egyptian Museum.


Portrait of a Bedouin


School in Egypt

Children in southern Egypt


Mosque of al-Guyushi and the view from mountains Mukattam

Do not leave toothy!


Sfinsa not yet dug up ..

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