[kl-bogel] Gay Pride Parade in New York

Music, dance, colorful posters - as usual. But this year, the parade Rride Rarade, which took place on the streets of New York, was another cause for celebration - the authorities in New York State legalized same-sex marriages, thus equating homosexual couples the right to marry hetero-sexual.

(18 photos)

1. Rride parade through the streets Rarade Christophe Street in Greenwich Viledzh, Sunday, June 26, 2011, New York.

2. Kajsa Westman from Stockholm, Sweden (second from right) and Victor Ng, right, of Seattle, prepare the balloons for the parade. Same-sex marriage law signed by the Governor, Andrew Cuomo on Friday and will enter into force thirty days.

3. Christopher Goeken, left, with his partner Glenn Magpantaem, right, and their son Malcolm Magpantaem, who four years, live in Queensborough.

4. Paola Perez, left, and her partner, Linda Gollazo on parade Rride Rarade.

5. Parade Rride Rarade outdoors Christopher Street.


7. The audience greeted the parade Rride Rarade.

8. Jennifer Melendez, left, and her husband Dzhuliza with their children, Natalia, left, Mahlani, center, and Alexis.

9. People with signs that - thanks Governor Cuomo for the legalization of homosexual marriages.

10. The representative of the City Council, Christine Quinn, Governor Andrew Cuomo and his girlfriend Sandra Lee take part in the parade Rride Rarade.

11. Yolanda Tolbert, left, and her partner are awaiting the commencement of Kish Newsome Rride Rarade parade.

12. The audience greeted the parade.

13. Participants in the parade.

14. Shestidesyatishestiletnyaya Shirley Hero, left, kisses his partner, Robin seventy-Burkhardt. Heroes and Burckhardt have been together for sixteen years.

15. Samantha Glovin, left, and her partner Amber Pennington, second from left. Right - Sharleste Beavers and her partner Tishauna Loving. Beavers and Loving have been together for three years, they got engaged in February.

16. Matthew Garber corrects transvestite makeup.

17. Averina Hill, left, and her partner Karshella Huey, right, with his daughter semnadtsatimesyachnoy Nice Hughey Hill. Averina Karshella Hill and Huey have been together for thirteen years.

18. Empire State Building, center, in the iris illumination to celebrate the parade Rride Rarade and gay marriage. New York became the sixth and largest of the states in the U.S., where permission to marry homosexual couples.

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