[kl-bogel] Museum of erotica in Barcelona

LJ-writes user -PF Photo : Have you been to a museum of erotica? If yes, then propose to compare, but if not, then invite you to tour the museum of erotica in Barcelona. Those who came of age not watch ... well, you know.

(32 photos)

1.Sam museum is located on La Rambla, on the right side, if you walk from the waterfront. Log In - 9 euros. (Jumping ahead to say that this money is not a museum, as for me).

2.In the museum exhibits erotic / intimate topics of various epochs and peoples in various forms - the Japanese chart, African art XIX-XX centuries, modern art, European images of the XVIII century, early XX century photography. The brochure said that the museum has more than 800 works of art, although it seems to me that it was possible and more ... not fully disclosed by topic: -)


4.Srazu at the entrance can be found here here is man's advantage (disadvantage for not pulling), in human growth. The exhibit can touch: -)

5.Ekspozitsiyu begin to Hindus, the Japanese continue, then follow the Greeks.


7.Takie pictures can be found in any modern edition of Kama Sutra.

8.Rezba the tree.


10.Aziatskie motives.



13.Priyatno surprised the Greeks. None of the museum world, none of the Greek Hall had not seen such images.


15.A here and in Africa.

16.Polineziyskie musical instruments

17.Kollektsiya tools. Any color, size and material. There is even a stone, perhaps the century was made.

18.Dalee exposure continues collection of pornographic postcards and pictures of different countries, there are interesting, and frankly there is corny, but it's let everyone decide themselves.









27.A defined the most basic and interesting exhibit of the museum.



30.I little contemporary erotic.


32.Muzey Erotic opened at La Rambla 96, Monday through Sunday from 10 to 20 hours. (Hours may change)

This is not a museum exhibit, but also on the Rambla, next door .... Perhaps there's an atmosphere of: -)

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