[kl-bogel] Afghanistan, travel notes, day 6

My trip to Afghanistan comes to an end. I've got to Moscow tomorrow and lay out a report on the last day in Afghanistan. Today I'll show you what grows around the beautiful town of Faizabad, and as a good kill.

01. So, the last day I drove to Faizabad and settled in a beautiful guesthouse with no amenities. In the morning went to explore the neighborhood. The city is located on the right bank of the river Kokcha. Faizabad historically insulated because of the lack of paved roads.

02. Since no roads, people move around on donkeys.


04.Vokrug of many fields, grow wheat, barley, rice, and poppy.

05. Afghanistan has never been especially developed agriculture. In the harsh climatic conditions, the shortage of land, farmers could barely feed themselves. The Soviet Union tried to develop some kind of industry, but with the departure of our troops Afghanistan quickly rolled back to its status as an agricultural country.

06. For all the time, I never noticed any in the fields of technology! All work on the fields were processed manually. Sometimes the use of animals, but no tractors and combines.

07. Wheat is carefully cut with sickles.


09. The entire process of production of flour, also without the use of technology. The peasants do everything yourself.

10. But one of the mountain villages. We met with the headman of the village. He said that the presence of foreigners is not very desirable. Of course, if I want tea, it will bring me into his car, but about any shooting in the village and can be no question. Found out the reason for the dislike of foreigners. Once the Germans arrived in the village and promised to build a new irrigation system, in exchange for the destruction of poppy fields. The peasants agreed. And recently, the village was ambushed and fired on a German convoy. It is common for Afghanistan. And what do you think? These "pagan Germans," and took the poor nayabednichali mujahideen governor. The governor came to the village and slapped on the ass of Jihad members, explained that the Germans were friends, and do not necessarily hold on them and blow them up an ambush technique. The village is very offended by the Germans for this, because snitch is not good. But the Germans did not stop, they also insulted and abandoned their plans to build an irrigation system! Such cheating farmers simply could not, and now not only German, but any European to have the worst enemy. That's the story. The richest man in the village owns the entire 4th goats, and in case of crop failure is no stock of food there. "We all just die of starvation and nobody thinks of us" - lamented the head of the village.

11. Remain without danger to the crop this climate really is extremely high. The terrain is mountainous, fertile land is scarce, and droughts occur more often. At the same time, opium poppy is resistant to harsh climatic conditions, the probability of crop failure is very small, and this production brings much more profit. According to Mr. Naver, for the future harvest poppy readily lend local financial institutions, and of course the peasants were only too happy to grow poppy because it is a sure crop, and enough money to feed their families.
Especially because they themselves do not use drugs. According to Hoxha Naver, in his village there is no drug addicts. In his village living God-fearing people, and drugs are "haram" - sin. That is the Afghan farmer makes no difference to grow potatoes or opium - which is more profitable and grow.

12. Mountains.

13. Even in the remote mountains are a fortress.


15. And then, on the horizon Belarus tractor! Guess who was driving a tractor? No, not Peter Pig. The tractor was driving a Tajik and a policeman with a big gun.

16. Following a few pickup trucks rushed to the police.

17. Tra-ta-ta-ta-ta! On the way to one of the fun politseskih. We stopped and went to get acquainted. Of course, the police do not expect to see in the mountains of Russian tourists. They asked where I was going.
- Going to shoot poppy fields.
- Excellent! And we have an operation to destroy your fields!
- And can you go?
- Of course! Do not lag behind!
My driver started to complain that the road over the pass to the fields is very bad, and it would be necessary to increase the rate of two times. I agreed with him 150 dollars. We agreed on 200, drove off.

18. We arrived at the place. Around the horizon large poppy plantations. Colors are in the middle of kids and a plaintive cry.

19. Grow poppies - the simplest and easiest way to make money. Poppy field brings in ten times more than wheat. Of course, kids are upset that they have now run 10 times.

20. Very often during these operations, to attacks on police officers. Local residents are prepared for anything, but would not lose a lucrative business. Often dominate the field.

21. More information about the work polii I write in a separate post.

22. Up to 80 90-poppy production was negligible, but we grew incredibly Taliban, making the country one of the largest producers of heroin, as difficult to engage in "jihad" without external support, relying solely on the under-developed agriculture. The country has two main areas where poppy is grown - is almost the entire South (Helmand, Kandahar, etc.) and some in the north of Afghanistan Badakhshan Province.

23. One of the soldiers was a romantic. Instead of destroying poppy crops he began to collect bouquets.

24. Heat is under 40, work hard. To somehow brighten up your hard work, police smeared cigarette poppy seed milk. I do not know what it gives, but the sight of them after that strange.

25. From the air operation support helicopters.


27. Part of the police conducting an operation in parallel and retains all the plantation owners.

28. In general, about all of this will LATEST separate post for several weeks.

29. Returned to the city. Almost all the buildings around Afghanistan is a plate with a description of who built it. Basically help rebuild Afghanistan, Americans, Germans, Japanese, Turkish.

30. The city has two bazaars, where they still sell wool, woolen clothing, salt, sugar, tea, and indigo.


32. In the bushes rusting Soviet technology.


34. Weather deteriorated slightly, the sun is out and became very good.


36. See what a beautiful girl!



39. The city has the only gas station.

40. Shop where they sell ice cream.

41. Fan, I once again went for watermelon. Watermelons are worth about 7 rubles per kilo, they are very tasty and sweet. Instead of weights on the scales used stones.

42. While I paid for a watermelon, was approached by a Gopnik. Ego named Sasha, in broken Russian, he told his story. In the early nineties, his father, an Afghan, was brought from Russia for a wife. They lived here year 3, then, do not endure the Afghan girl of color ran back to Russia. Child to leave her, of course, was not allowed. Then again, Dad had disappeared, and Sasha was bomzhevat in Faizabad. Here's a funny story.

In this feature, I put the compression of images up to 60% instead of the usual 80%. As you money? The size is almost two times less than we have.

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