[kl-bogel] Myanmar. People, Part 1

Many of us complain about a difficult childhood. But no one had such a machine. In the car the whole of Myanmar. There are very few imported all their own. Unspoiled, authentic, sincere and cheerful country. Instead of having to buy a Chinese car child, father and brothers, the master of its own wood. Here, give children love instead of plastic. True, Chinese toys, as well as many other gifts of civilization, just buy anywhere.

This outdoor restaurant in Yangon. The basis of the entire Burmese food - rice. To him serve chicken or fish and a few dishes with vegetables and incomprehensible substance. Something out of this very unpleasant smell. Especially the soup, which is also attached to the dinner. Is it worth all sensitive nuclear technologies usually 1000 ($ 1.1). Children have always been involved in the family business.


Bus in Yangon. Women are waiting for the bus. Move on Myanmar by public transport - an occupation for people balanced and strong in spirit. But this way of travel allows you to feel the country and imbued with its spirit. The more calm you will be a Buddhist - so much the better. And if there is no bus for two hours - do not be nervous, just all the time. The book player and nerves of steel - without this, it is better not to start.

In this pick-up truck I come from a Meiktila Thazi. And before that, the bus dropped me off at Meiktila   two in the morning instead of the promised six in the morning. A few hours later I was waiting at the bus station, and then five in the morning looking for the secret of the dark corners of the pickup Burmese backwater. Sorry, never had a ride on the roof. When I sat down after Mnyamy in Thai bus second-class Bangkok - Trat, he struck me as just a limo. In general, Yangon-Bangkok flight - this is a time machine. Again you find yourself in a world where there are supermarkets and the Internet.

Six in the morning, new clients, our tram desires. His capacity is infinite. There are so many people and cargo, which could not carry the Burmese pickup.


At the time of the track from Calawah (Kalaw) to Lake Inle. Excellent nature, except that I organized tourism has once again disappointed. So then I went to Hsipaw on a two-day track in the mountains themselves. And I liked it a lot more. And northern Myanmar - a region much more wild and not spoiled by aliens.

At the same track, one of the villages along the road.

A boy dressed in Longview. It's a long skirt, worn by most of the Burmese men. It is easy to turn into mini shorts, if you want to play football. More precisely, there are not playing football, they are baffled and stuffed with each other woven ball. Or throw it over the net on the rules futvolleya.

Inle Lake, the family deepens the channel, leading to their house. All you can do with his hands - made ​​by hand or with the help of buffaloes.

Shepherd near Inle Lake.

Myanmar has produced an incredible number of statues of Buddha, as well as various accessories and objects of worship. Some of them are exported to Thailand.

Monastery in Amarapura.


The ancient city of Inva. Children for some reason, asking the tourists shampoo, rather than the dollar.

Here Tanaka, another feature of Myanmar. A cream made ​​from tree bark, used as cosmetics and sun protection. After two weeks in the country in Longview, Tanaka, and Buddhist monks in burgundy robes photogenic at all stop paying attention. Ordinary people.

Children begin to work with eight years. They help their parents in the family business - be it a restaurant or store tishop.

My work is commissioned by Amnesty International.


I traveled to Myanmar for three weeks and love this country. Because of the long-term international isolation, Myanmar has preserved its identity and uniqueness. They say that something like Thailand looked 70 years ago. If you want to see the world without Wi-fi, ATM's, Coca-Cola and McDonald's - buy tickets Bangkok - Yangon. Another way to get the budget in the country has no.

Myanmar. People, part 2
Myanmar. People, Part 3

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