[kl-bogel] The war in Afghanistan - a decade of unanswered questions

Since the terrorist attacks in the United States ten years ago. United States all the while waging war in a faraway country - in the hope, as stated by the Americans, to defend American interests and make the world safer from terrorism. Now President Barack Obama plans to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan in 2014. This means that it is time to summarize.

Of course, there were victories - and setbacks. Over 1522 American soldiers were killed. The media continually go on about the fact that Afghanistan was more secure, but are full and frequent, obvious evidence to the contrary. President and the United States are uneasy relationship, so tell briefly the story of a decade of war is not possible.

(34 photos)

1. In this photo taken on June 9, 2011, soldiers of the U.S. Marine Corps is going to pick up food after stocks dropped on small parachutes from a plane outside the forward operating base in Helmand province, Edie, in southern Afghanistan.

2. In this photo taken on June 15, 2011, Amy Balduf, Richmond, Tennessee, it's comforting Marine's grave of her husband, Sgt U.S. Marine Corps Baldufa Kevin, who was killed while serving in Afghanistan, at Arlington National Cemetery Arlington, Virginia.

3. In this photo taken April 7, 2011, an Afghan with a placard during a peaceful protest in Kabul, Afghanistan.

4. In this photo taken June 23, 2011, Barack Obama speaks at a press conference on television, while the cashier at a local restaurant dormant in Kabul, Afghanistan.

5. In this photo taken June 23, 2011, twenty-two Gavin Frudzh, Crowley, La., left, looks rebroadcast the speech of President Barack Obama's proposed withdrawal from the other soldiers at the airfield in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

6. In this photo taken July 6, 2009, medics from the 2nd Expeditionary Brigade, 1st Battalion Marines are Marines, received a heat stroke, a medical evacuation helicopter in the area of ​​Helmand province, Nava in Afghanistan.

7. In this photo taken May 8, 2009, Taylor Jordan of the U.S. Army swinging in the rain at the camp of his platoon in the valley of the Korengal Restrepo in Kunar province in Afghanistan.

8. In this photo taken July 8, 2009, U.S. Marines from the second Expeditionary Brigade, 1st Battalion Marines sleeping in a camp near Nava Helmand in Afghanistan.

9. In this photo taken October 24, 2009, U.S. soldiers from 2nd Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, lead mortar fire on enemy firing positions known to the base in the Pech Valley in Kunar province in Afghanistan. Left to right:. William McKenzie, Pendleton, Ore., and. Benjamin Purvis from Rochester, Minnesota.

10.Na this photo taken May 2, 2008, a group of U.S. Marines from the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit, has returned fire on Taliban positions near the town of Garmser in Helmand province in Afghanistan.

11. In this photo taken August 23, 2008, Afghan woman and her daughter, weeping after their relative was killed during an air strike in Azizabad village in Herat province near Shindand, Afghanistan.

12. In this photo taken March 17, 2007, an Afghan boy, right, sits next to his brother's body after he was killed in a terrorist attack in Kandahar south of Kabul, Afghanistan. A suicide bomber, who has chosen her to a Canadian military convoy killed a child and wounded four people, including NATO troops in southern Afghanistan, officials said.

13. In this photo taken March 5, 2007, Afghan farmers are facing one of the houses, which had supposedly been destroyed during the NATO air strike on Jabar village in the district of Kapisa province, Nijrab, north of Kabul, Afghanistan.

14. Left: This photograph, taken November 15, 2001, at sunset, the soldiers of Special Forces to respond the U.S. Army stands guard near the helicopter, Khwaja Bahuaddin, Afghanistan, 350 kilometers (220 miles) northeast of Kabul. Right: This photo taken October 27, 2001, clouds of smoke rising above the village of Darya Khan, an area under Taliban control, near the airport Bagram, 20 kilometers north of Kabul, in northern Afghanistan.

15. In this photograph taken November 26, 2001,, people look at the bodies of soldiers of the Taliban in Kunduz, northern Afghanistan.

16. In this photograph taken November 24, 2001, the Taliban tank crossed the front line near the village of Amirabad in northern Afghanistan.

17. In this photo taken September 28, 1996, tanks, manned by the Taliban and decorated with flowers are seen in front of the Presidential Palace in Kabul, Afghanistan.

18. In this photo taken September 27, 1996, the Taliban, greet each other on the square in Kabul, Ariana, against the background of bodies were hanged former President Najibullah of Afghanistan, right, and his brother Shahpur Ahmedzaya.

19. In this photo taken February 15, 1989, the Soviet Army soldiers waving their arms, while the latter party crosses the bridge on the border between Afghanistan and then Soviet Uzbekistan, the Uzbek city of Termez, near, during the withdrawal from Afghanistan after a last ten years of war. The Soviet Union lost about 15,000 soldiers. The war began in 1979, when Moscow sent troops to confront the guerrilla squads, who then fought against the Soviet government.

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