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It will be a long entry. The last time we stayed on the fact that they went to Bosnia Herzegovina in amazingly beautiful mountain road. River, village, cow ... I wrote that somewhere near the railway branch line was held. When it became plain, the opportunity to get to know her better. It can be very useful is appropriate to recall the film "Life Is a Miracle," a beautiful film director Emir Kusturica. Some pictures below well, almost from the film footage. (Remember, at the end of last year's trip to Serbia, I created a similar entry .)

Kusturica took not only the "Black cat - white cat", which I think is the best comedy that ever looked, but a lot of films devoted to the Balkan problem. He was very worried about the fate of his homeland, his family. The problem of sectarian strife is found in many of his films. In general, if you have not watched films Kusturica - highly recommend it.

On the way, you can watch in rural areas live ordinary Bosnians. At home, I think, apartment, but at the same time look fairly decent and comfortable.

In the center of Sarajevo is a long-predlinnaya road with the same long-predlinnymi tramway on the dividing strip. The case went to the evening, the trams were completely clogged at rush hour. In front of me went iMobil.

Before I found works for me the hotel, took a long time: first, I have long sought wherever possible to park, even for a fee. In the center of empty seats there was no one, except for day underground parking lots for the irresponsible money. Then I just stopped looking even paid parking lots, abandoned the car on the sidewalk in brazen absolutely prohibited place and went in search of a decent hotel.

The first attempt was also not the best, but the second time I was lucky: a very decent 3 * hotel with breakfast, internet and parking (as well as courteous staff) for € 40 per day almost in the center of me is completely arranged.

The last part of the quest on arrangement of the night was to remember where I stopped the car and how to get through. As I have done all these points, I could safely go for a walk around town and enjoy dinner. Now then a few pictures from the evening of Sarajevo. Also a very beautiful city, full of oriental style. A few minutes later it seems that he was somewhere in the Middle East, for example, in Beirut, but not in Europe.

Even flashlights can be found exactly the same as sold in the Grand Bazaar `e in Istanbul. Well, in general, communication is now Bosnia, and Turkey is strong enough: Turkish Airlines and Air Bosna operates 14 flights a week on the route from Istanbul to Sarajevo and back.

Although, if you look a little different angle, the city no less European than many others.

The city has both Orthodox and Catholic churches, and mosques, and synagogues. I even felt strange, like people of different ethnicities and religions living together for so many years, suddenly broke off all relations with each other and sucked into a terrible bloody war.

However, in Sarajevo flared and more global conflicts, covering not only the territory of former Yugoslavia, and many dozens of countries: June 28, 1914 Gavrilo Princip killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, after a few days gave rise to the top of the First World War. The assassination was carried out at 15 meters from the bridge here (Court of the scheme ).

The guide has a separate LP small note «Sarajevo roses». Roses are everywhere and really grow.

Sarajevo - not less wonderful city than to Mostar, about which I spoke last time.

The next morning, after breakfast, I moved north to the border with Croatia, passed town of Travnik, Donji Vakuf and Jajce.

On the road were all the same beautiful scenery with hills, small villages and minarets. Seemed interesting ruined church.

Travnik - a very interesting city with an impressive stone castle on the hill and other interesting.

On the surrounding hills are grazed cows. Well, exactly, Switzerland.

Note the interesting pattern on the mosque.

One of the central places is the area of ​​Travnik Plava Voda, where there are restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops and so on. - A favorite place for celebrations of the local population.

And to heap more photos.

Yes, I remember, in Travnik, there were many children. This feeling that children in summer camps here were carried from the whole of Bosnia.

Donji Vakuf - a small town where I stopped for 5 minutes to take a picture of the clock tower and sky-blue dome on the mosque.

Egg - a cozy town, an interesting first waterfall, but the old fortress and the surrounding views are personal.

That's all way more committed to my surprise results in the Republika Srpska, of which tomorrow.

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