[kl-bogel] Got my Panda eyes again =)

Since I came back from Kuching, I am not feeling too well. It started with a sore throat, then coughing, then flu and slight fever. It's been about 5 days now. My brother is having a fever too. So yesterday my mom bought fever pills for us. I was not feverish anymore but I still took the pill. It was the wrong thing to do. After that, I went for a nap.

The package clearly stated 'Demam'

These are the pills. IBUPROFEN. Now only I wonder that usually Paracetamol would be the drug right??

I woke up in the middle of my nap because my eyes felt sticky, itchy and they were watery. I rubbed them, washed my face. Then I knew I was gonna get that Panda  eyes, again! I know that I'm allergic to pain killer, but never knew that this pill could get me swollen eyes too.

So, let's see the development  transformation of my eyes.

The earlier stage. Around 4pm

Around 6pm

Full transformation. haha Not as bad as before.

Started to subside already. around 8 pm

This is not a new problem to me. I must have been experiencing swollen eyes due to drug allergic close to 10 times already. Only my parents freaked out because this is the first time they have ever seen my panda eyes in real.haha. Now, let's see my swollen eyes taken from few years back.

This picture was taken in 2008.

This was last year. Not too severe.

This happened in 2009 where I took menstrual pills. In half an hour, my eyes became like this. This was the most severe case I have ever experienced. This I call full transformation.hahhaa Mind you I didnt close my eyes. They were wide open.haha

Ok bye!

p/s Hope to get better before this weekend. We are gonna hit Langkawi for 3 days. Yeehuuu!!

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