[kl-bogel] Museum Of Erotica Opens In Moscow (60 фото)

Russia’s first, and the world’s largest adult museum opened in Moscow, under the name of Museum of Erotica G-spot. Its scope far surpasses similar museums in Berlin, Paris, New-York, Amsterdam and Barcelona.

Музей эротического искусства в Москве (60 фото)

In the brochure it is listed as provocative erotic pictures of Faith-Don Khilko. Any of them you can buy. The exhibition includes works under the names "Rublevskoe shosse", "Miss Russia", etc. Here: "Wrestling" with Putin and Obama in the lead roles.

Bees mate. Giant insects - this is my nightmare! There are even deer-beetles,:(

The most expensive sex dolls in the world: Real Dols of USA

I liked the brunette above all, she is beautiful with the face and figure

Silver medals dedicated to the famous Austrian prostitute Josephine Muttsenbaher

Martina Di Girolamo doll (Argentina)

This exhibit is called "the deceased". If you notice, this is a coffin. When you open it, a phallus on a spring jumps out of it.

"Octopus of Love." Sex toy for the wives of fishermen. Japan, 1930.

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Installation "Newkamasutra" of Lina Lante and Basil Cecilia

This piece is rotating, so the photos are fuzzy

In the separate hall there are erotic fragments of soviet and post-soviet films.

The lighting of the pictures is horrible, from all the angles there is glare. So it is impossible to see the whole picture, you can see only one half and then the other. And even if you look from the distance there is stll some glare.

This is a shop. There is a hypermarket for adults where you can buy anything you want. I understand, this is work of Julian Murphy.

There are many different costume for cosplay, role playing and theme parties

Miracle sneaker! I have never seen anything like this :)

I do not understand how it is used. But very nice girls will explain everything for you there:)

A new generation of vibrator. It shakes well by the way :)

This is also a a breakthrough of sex toys. But is it worth a lot.

All you can touch and see the possibilities of everything. Great idea!

А это тот самый фаллос "Гжель"

In addition to the museum and a sex shop there is an erotic cafe. The idea is good too, just to be able to sit, drink and relax. But to heighten the atmosphere, I would have added a waiter in the strings and bow-ties.

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