[kl-bogel] Perbandingan RON 95 antara Jenama Minyak Di Malaysia.



I know many of Malaysian motorist are complaining the lack of performance of RON 95 petrol since RON 95 has displace RON 97 petrol as the main stream petrol. RON 97 is now the premium petrol. Since RON 95 is RM 1.80 per litter form 1st September 2009 and RON 97 has increased the price to RM2.05 per litter, most of us has to tolerate with lower grade petrol due to budget constraint.Ironically, many developed countries do not sell RON 97 petrol. In Singapore, only RON 92, RON 95 and RON 98 petrol are sold.

I do not want to compare RON 97 with RON 95 petrol. No point actually. Even you are complaining but you will still using RON 95 due to the lower price. So, my study is comparing different brands of RON 95 petrol.

Car: Proton Iswara 1.3 Manual, year 1999
Route: KL, PJ, Shah Alam with almost 100% city drive.
Driving style: economy driving. Seldom press the pedal hard except overtaking. Not a racer
Note: Each time I will fill the petrol until full tank

1. Brand:BHP Infiniti 2x
Total cost: RM56.81 or 31.62 l
Distance: 440km
Fuel consumption: RM0.127/km or 14.16km/l
Remarks: Quick, smooth during gear transmission (from low to high). Engine noise is OK, not noisy but you still can listen it. It is exceptional when pick up. I am satisfy with it.

2. Brand: Caltex Techron 95
Total cost: RM55.94 or 31.07 l
Fuel consumption:RM0.123/km or 14.68km/l
Remarks:When I start my engine, it is very quiet. It is quiet and smooth even during the low gear transmission. Engine noise is lower than BHP infiniti 2x. It is powerful when pick up. Almost as powerful as BHP petrol. No noise even at 110km/hr. A better fuel consumption as well.

3. Brand: Shell Super 95
Total cost: RM51.71 or 28.728 l
Distance: 429.5km
Fuel consumption:RM0.117/km or 15.336km/l
Remarks:I have change a new set of tires in this study. This is a very bad experience using Shell. The engine is very noisy even when I started my car. The noise of engine is noisy and rough when changing gear. Most remarkable is I hardly pick up to 110km/hr as the engine is so noisy. I will avoid using this fuel. I will reserve my view of fuel consumption as different set tires is used.

4. Brand: Petronas Primax RON 95
Total cost: RM50.41 or 28.006 l
Fuel consumption:RM0.123/km or 14.618km/l
Remarks: Ordinary pick up but much better than Shell. I still heard some noise form engine when I start my car but it is acceptable level compare with Shell. Easily pick up at high gear but lack of power in low gear. Transmission is consider smooth. Surprisingly even it is more powerful than Shell, the fuel consumption is higher.

5. Brand: Mobil Synergy 5000
Total cost: RM63.17 or 35.093 l
Distance:486 km
Fuel consumption:RM0.113/km or 15.879km/l
Remarks: Good pick up and transmission from low gear to high gear.The engine noise is the second best just behind CaltexTechron 95. The fuel consumption is surprisingly better than any of the fuel in the market. I can not complaint anymore of this.

Since I have change my set of tyres during the test, I retest CaltexTechron 95 to cancel the tyre effects. The prurpose is the feulconsumption.

Retest of Clatex Techron 95 with new tyres give me 14.6km /l which is even less than the first test 14.9km/l. I would said the new tyres on the fuel consumption is negligible.

1. Mobil/Esso
2. Caltex
3. BHP
4. Petronas
5. Shell

Testing finished on 1st Nov 2009.
Special Thanks : http://2hard2lie.blogspot.com

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