[kl-bogel] Hong Kong: urban life and its inhabitants, 2011

Hong Kong - those who lead the fate of here, this city will not leave indifferent. It is a complex range of emotions, from surprise to anger. And there is, perhaps, other similar places in the world where there are rampant and one of the richest cities, a child of two great, but so many different empires. It is not
West, but without a doubt, and not the East. This mixture seems to be totally incompatible cultures. Those Europeans who were born and raised in
Hong Kong, they are not Europeans. A local English-speaking Chinese from birth is not Chinese, but also something else ... This is a new community of people, new people.

(46 photos)


1. Perhaps I'll start a new story with a very beloved to me in the tram HA! They are all double-decker!




5. Some of them with an open top.

6. And here is the tram. which raises the people of Victoria Peak.

7. Its peculiarity is that in some areas it reaches a slope of 45 degrees!

8. The end point is the observation deck at the peak.

9. Inside it is a lot of escalators connecting different levels inside.

10. The building has many shops, restaurants, .... We have chosen to edalnyu fucking american gays)) .... With interesting signs: Forrest Run Forrest and stop ....

11. The prices are rather democratic, cook quick and tasty! prices in Hong Kong dollars.

12. Here is our modest lunch

13. Shrimps bring in the newspaper!)))

14. as a real ruffer, of course I climbed to the top ...

15. here is a classic form opens with Victoria Peak ...

16. Now ... .. Metro subway is very clean ... fast ... intuitive .... And always cool, fresh air!


18. people is in many ways ... .. but all respected each other and jostling no!

19. above each door is the electronic signs showing the location and train the next station .... All information is duplicated on both Chinese and English ...


21. encountered here are freaks ...)))

22. apparatus for the purchase of tickets .... He tactile! press a station where you have to and it shows the value of ...

23. Now the main thing in underground !!))) so many warnings that if they say who offer "zaschekanit" must be immediately reported to the police!

24. in the CC in general a lot of restrictions, as in Singa .... Public Urine banned everywhere such as ... .. because sometimes such thoughts were ))))))

25. Now some of the Alley Stars in Kowloon ... Bruce, as always in great shape!



28. a lot of sculptures in the alley ...


30. also a lot of people ....





35. on one floor is a wax museum.

36. Walking around town you can see a lot of fresh seafood and food in general ... .. the Chinese food there is a cult! and I'll tell you megazachetno!





41. now on the shopping .... CC ... boutiques city Continuum their sea ... ... .. they are everywhere, in principle, prices for some types of goods can reach up to 40% of Moscow.

42. Drugan bought a RADO somewhere over 3400 USD at the cost model in order Msc 4000USD ... judge for yourself ...

43. typical pattern for a shopping district Monkok ....




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