[kl-bogel] Desperate women and plastic surgery (4 photos)

News about women (mostly) who are not afraid to experiment with his looks and figure, which leads to a curious and not-so results, with a lot of money

Twins have paid £ 60,000 for the "similarity"

Often, the twins not only look alike, but do the same thing in life, Joe Barton and Kerry have made the word "twins" a new meaning. When Joe decided to slightly adjust the shape of his nose, Kerry decided not to lag behind and do the same. And away we go - Sister forked for a total of 60 thousand pounds when working with their appearance at the same doctors almost simultaneously. To the plastic surgeons could distinguish between them, sisters have a tattoo on his stomach with his initials. At age 34, both underwent surgery for breast augmentation, lift the eyes, "eternal" makeup and Botox injections.

Mom vosmyashek decided to become Angelina Jolie

Nadia Suleman, eight new mothers of twins, she decided to become outwardly similar to Angelina Jolie. According to her plastic surgeon Anthony Yuen, both women are very similar in terms of plastic surgery, starting with the eyebrow shape and form of the ending of his forehead. After several operations to correct the shape of the lips and rhinoplasty Nadia looked like a famous actress, not only for the surgeon, but also for others In addition, both women have much in common - they are both aged 33, have many children (Nagy - 8, Angelina - 6, but argues that there will be more).

His wife was similar to its predecessor

A Chinese man want his new wife to have plastic surgery to look like the dead in road accident earlier his wife. 32-year-old Zhao Gang said that he had married again, because his new wife similar to his previous wife, and he so wants to correct their mistakes and live a family life again. Amazingly, his new wife agreed to this procedure, saying, "I was a little upset that I will like another woman, but I want to keep the family together, and I hope that turning to another woman will not make me ugly." Zhao has confirmed he will wear his current wife is literally in the hands of its agreement to correct appearance.

A female clone of Michael Jackson

A mother of three from Britain on behalf of Mickey Jay has proven that it is not necessary to be a man, especially blacks, to be a twin of Michael Jackson. Jay spent 16 thousand dollars, changing the shape of the nose, chin and cheeks. "Many people know that I'm actually a woman, but in my case it does not matter," said Mickey, claiming a prize in the 240 000 dollars for winning the contest twins Michael Jackson. She is now 39 years old, and ... let her luck, Micky time so this tends

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