[kl-bogel] Cili toteh (3 photos)

Peppers Chilly Willy - this is not the result of Photoshop, not genetically modified product and not even a collection of geek-pervert, and grew up in the wild pepper variety, which never fell into the hands of breeders. Grade Chilly Willy is a rare, previously it grows exclusively in the U.S. states of Texas and Louisiana, where she finds refuge in the homes of the rare fruit growers. Looking at its shape, it becomes clear to the unpopularity of peppers, forcing young girls blush just a glimpse on the pods of pepper.

Spicy peppers forms are also known as Peters Peppers and Penis Peppers. Their sharpness is on the same level as that of the Tabasco pepper. But the basis of their popularity is not the taste. The company earns Chilly Willy good money by selling products through improper peppers and accessories with his image.

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