[kl-bogel] Melawat Montenegro

Will continue to review the story of visited sites in Montenegro, but first some general observations.

First, Montenegro - almost entirely Russian resort. If in Croatia, Russian is almost invisible against the backdrop of tens of thousands of other tourists, the Europeans have to Montenegro on its Autocamper no longer arrives. Here on the waterfront in a cafe playing Russian music, and well-oiled women sing karaoke Russian. It extended the menu in Russian (although at the local all clear), and the streets there are cars with rossiyckimi numbers. If I wanted to go to rest there, where so many Russian. I would choose the Crimea, which by nature, by the way, is not much different.

But once drove away from the coast, everything is quiet and measured, on Montenegrin lazy and quiet. Away from the coast was pleasant to me much more than on it, but the natural beauty everywhere in short supply.

Herceg Novi - the first major town after the border with Croatia. Particularly unremarkable, and I stopped there and then that I had forgotten that in Montenegro in the course of the euro, and stay on Sunday night without the local currency I do not want. Remembering that the euro is something I have and it is here and run, I looked at the amphitheater at sea with a small white sails in the distance and the setting sun. I had to go on to the site overnight, but where - I have not yet chosen.

Kotor and Kotor Bay. Kotor Bay - a very picturesque place in the first place thanks to a small island with a church with a blue dome. On the way there, I did not use the ferry, and traveled all around the perimeter of the bay, one of the sites even swim.

Somewhere along the way began to evil (just kidding).

In fact I spent a couple hours. The biggest concern for me here was the opportunity to see the city from a high, having risen by a stone staircase leading up to the top of the surrounding mountains. Up to the top I did not get, but somewhere up to half - yes. Types of city streets, in my opinion, not that interesting.

Budva. I went to spend the night in Budva. At some point, the road forks: one way was to Budva, and the second - in Tivat. I am not guided, but chose the direction in Budva and not mistaken, in the direction I wanted to go. In Budva, I moved into the private sector near the center of the embankment and went to supper. The sun was setting.

But before dinner I went to the old town. Unfortunately, at this time to photograph it was dark.

Over dinner on the waterfront just a little resort life took off.

In eight to ten kilometers away from Budva in the direction of the Bar is one of the business cards of Montenegro - the island of San Stefano. On it I have not gone, just took a picture of the highway.

It was almost immediately after it leaves the road to Podgorica in the mountains. Here, as many have before in the mountains where housed the church.

Once the slides in from the coast of Montenegro, as soon as it becomes somehow more peaceful. On the way to Lake Skadar.

And here is the very Skadar Lake.

It also has a small island with the remnants of buildings.

But most of all I loved here to walk through the quiet streets of a forgotten village all Godinje (Godin). First, in the only open a roadside cafe for 5 € fed me breakfast of scrambled eggs, milk and fresh herbs. Mature family was incredibly happy that I skidded to them.

Not far from this mountain village is the church, but check it quite another way. Here, too, was not a soul.

While driving to the church - has saved a turtle. She was lying on the road up shell and could not roll back.

Well, the last of me visited places of interest on this side of the lake - fort Besats. Leading to the fortress is a small quiet lane, and from the roof of the largest of the surviving buildings have beautiful views of the lake and sink it into a river.

In Podgorica, I did not come armed with advance information on what to do there is nothing at all, but went to the former capital of Montenegro - Cetinje. Cetinje was a very pleasant city, is several times more pleasant most comfortable cities coast.

Here in the building of the former Russian embassy, ​​now an art school, still carefully hung the Russian flag.

On the road from Cetinje Budva back in black you can enjoy the mountains, although I would rather call them blue.

So who's to say that Montenegro is not like the Crimea? Here Yalta here below!

We go back to where started - in the Kotor bay, but this time her swim across on the ferry and go back to the border with Croatia.

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