[kl-bogel] Melihat gelagat rakyat Israel.

LJ user imass wrote in his blog: This post will be dedicated to the people I met walking and touring the cities of Israel. Each photo is precious to me because it brings me to the place and time when I was there.

(20 photos)

1. Seven o'clock in the evening, sunset, quay Jaffa, on which leisurely stroll courting couples and the elderly. This woman has long sat on the bench, watching the music of the coastal waves, beautiful sky, and her thoughts went far beyond the horizon ...

2. Eleven hours of the day, the promenade in Tel Aviv. When most people worked hard as a bee, he was sitting on the beach, slowly clutter the lungs with nicotine and read the latest news.

3. Here at last was given a day off at work, you can catch up with my girlfriend ... not beer, so - just her ...

4. "And then I go on my Cadillac on Baker Street ..."

5. As well as the sea, it is necessary to capture and upload to Facebook a couple of photos of the sea to the envy of your girlfriends.

6. This Indian (at least he was referring to like him) slowly warming up on the beach, taking one and then another asana, he was a magnet for passers-by gaze of tourists and local Aborigines.

7. Old Jaffa port, sitting on a wooden pier and carelessly swinging his feet cutting the fresh sea air, she took leisurely wave of a favorite radio

8. Finally, progress came to us and ...

9. It was macho and smiling all the time, showering passers-by all your positive emotions.

10. The celebration of Purim. The girl kept trying to peek over the fence, which shielded her from the wonderful sea view ... and the parents did not help ...

11. It is "ours". In the evening, after finishing his routine work can be a little shake and intelligence to remember how it was in his homeland in those eightieth

12. Even in parks where people do not behave modestly. This guy was flirting with a girl for a long time then chuhaya her tummy, then trying to get into the pants, but her thoughts were evidently too far away from being able to indulge in carnal pleasures

13. Deduliku was absolutely does not care about what was going on. He rubbed a cream from sunburn, rastelil litter and enjoyed reading the next book.

14. They lay there and just kayfovat of beautiful weather, hot sun, do not hesitate to put out another cigarette in the grass near his head.

15. Another declaration of love, holding hands, looking eye to eye, they made plans for the future ...

16. All these pictures were taken near the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. This rabbi was the most serious face and the way he was talking with my children looked like a strict father.

17. This is one of my favorite pictures. This dedulik, who came from afar. He went to the Wailing Wall, prayed and then called on the mobile phone, said the source at the other end that he now can also pray and put the phone to the wall.

18. I do not know why it is possible (although, why and can not), people sit on chairs and read the Torah. A lot of people pray standing in the Orthodox have always stood, Catholics privstavaya on his knees, and then you can sit and ... and no we did not decree))). Here it is, the freedom of choice)))

19. This rabbi somewhere in a hurry, he literally flew by so quickly that my autofocus did not have time to catch it)

20. Two negrityanochki tired of a busy travel day has finally found a way to relax and share experiences.

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