[kl-bogel] Traveling to North Korea

The next test of a nuclear weapon, conducted in 2009, North Korea, has attracted worldwide attention to this small state. We suggest you look at what is now North Korea.

(30 photos)

Source picture: msn.com

1. Central Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, at sunset April 12, 2011. Now North Korea is trying to cope with financial sanctions and international ostracism, which it was subjected to because of its nuclear program.

2. City tram carries passengers in Pyongyang on April 15.

3. A girl playing the piano in the building of an elementary school in Pyongyang Changgvang March 9, 2011.

4. Stuffed animals in the building of an elementary school in Pyongyang Changgvang March 9, 2011. They are used during the lessons of biology.

5. People read a newspaper on the stand exposed in a subway station in Pyongyang on March 10.

6. Traffic police officer on the street in the center of Pyongyang, April 13, 2011.

7. The workers are blank doors at Mangyongdae, April 13.

8. Girl in a field south of Pyongyang near the highway leading into the city Kaesong, North Korea, on April 17.

9. Flowers at a monument to Kim Il Sung on the hill Mans in Pyongyang April 14 - the eve of the birthday of the late President. In North Korea, April 15 called "Day of the Sun" because of Kim Il Sung, who founded North Korea in 1948, called the "sun of the nation"

10. Participant Orchestra photographed with a woman and a boy on his birthday of Kim Il Sung in Pyongyang, the park on April 15.

11. Female dancing with badminton racket during the celebration of the birth of Kim Il Sung on April 15 in a park in Pyongyang.

12. The women soldiers holding hands, having come to honor the memory of Kim Il Sung in the village of Mangyongdae on April 13.

13. Photo taken from the bus window. The woman - the traffic police officer on the streets of Pyongyang April 15, 2011.

14. Subway station in Pyongyang, March 10.

15. Reunions Arch ("Arch of the Three Charters"), symbolizing the hope for a final reunion of the two Koreas, the prospect Thonir at the southern entrance to Pyongyang.

16. Men on the streets of Pyongyang at dusk on April 14.

17. Luxurious bedspread on the bed in a hotel room, "Koryo" in Pyongyang, March 8.

18. Photo of Kim Il Sung on the wall next to a lamp made of hand grenades - part of an exhibition at the Military Museum of Pyongyang, March 9. The interior exhibition reminds underground bunkers that were used during the Japanese occupation resistance.

19. Amusement park in Pyongyang, April 16.

20. Empty highway near Pyongyang, multiband, April 21.

21. Pedestrians and cyclists cross the bridge north of Pyongyang, April 19.

22. Before the concert, classical music in Pyongyang, March 10.

23. The car on the street in the center of Pyongyang, at night on April 12.

24. Children in a train subway in Pyongyang on March 10.

25. Woman selling snacks on the roadside near Namfo April 21.

26. The table in the fast-food restaurant in an amusement park in Pyongyang on April 16.

27. Rail car with manual control near Namfo, April 21.

28. Men on bicycles, sunset, April 18, Pyongyang.

29. Flowers in North Korea known as the «Kimilsungia», next to a small layout of the mausoleum of Kim Il Sung in Pyongyang Flower Show, April 13.

30. The woman at the monkey cage zoo in central Pyongyang, April 22.

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