[kl-bogel] Same-sex couples are married in New York

Hundreds of gay couples, dressed in formal suits, dress shirts and gathered to a breaking of emotion swept votes to bring the vows and ceremony to demonstrate their long-awaited gathering of the marriage on Sunday. New York has finally become the sixth and largest of the states that legalized same-sex marriages.
Couples began to recite the traditional "I agree / to" at midnight in the area from Niagara Falls to Long Island, even though New York was the center of the wedding with the onset of the morning. Thousands of pairs of hours waiting to say welcome vows, completely forgetting about the unbearable heat.

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(23 photos)

Thousands of demonstrators took to the campaign of protest in several cities throughout the state. This can be interpreted as a signal that the struggle for the right of same-sex couples to register their relationship is not over yet. State Senator Ruben Diaz, a minister who was the only Democrat who voted against same-sex marriage, pledged in his address to the crowd gathered to express their disapproval of what he and other opponents of same-sex marriage will try to ensure that prisoners on Sunday marriages were annulled . Ruben Diaz said the judge violated the law by abandoning the traditional twenty-four waiting period without good cause.
"We're going to prove to them next week, that their current actions are illegal," he said during his speech, which was held in Spanish. "Today we begin the battle! Today we start a war! "

But in general, in the lobby of the municipal clerk's office in Manhattan was an atmosphere of celebration and cheers and applause were heard every time the pair passed them on to the white-blue marriage certificate. Balloons waved over the heads of the crowd. One couple was dressed in kilts, the other - in a sparkling crown. Children scurried back and forth, enjoying the unexpected holiday.
Couples who, in some cases, waiting for opportunities to get married for many years, did not hide their emotions. The bridegroom Douglas Robinson tearfully exclaimed, "I agree, I swear to God, I agree !!!", when asked whether he takes Michael Elsasser his wife.
The first couple marries in Manhattan were semidesyatisemiletnyaya Phyllis Siegel and Connie vosmidesyatipyatiletnyaya Kopelou who have been together for twenty-three years. Kopelou arrived in a wheelchair and stood with her using a walker.
Witnesses tearfully watched as two elderly women have sworn to respect and cherish each other and then kissed.
"I gasped. I almost could not breathe, "said Siegel, after the ceremony. "It's amazing. The fact that it really happened to us - that we finally have the right to legally marry, like everyone else. "

Legalization in New York same-sex marriage is seen as a turning point in the national movement for the rights of gays and lesbians, and is expected to occur as the mobilization of supporters and opponents of this decision. In other states, has authorized gays and lesbians to marry, are Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont, and Washington, DC.

1. Kitty Lambert, above left, and Cheryl Rudd preparing for their wedding ceremony in Niagara Falls. Rudd wipes a tear from the face of a favorite during the ceremony. Women married mayor Paul Dayster at Niagara Falls just after midnight on Sunday night.

2. Patrizio Chikayza and Anthony Vasquez are married in the office of the municipal clerk at Shteten Island.

3. Torrington Wendy and Kimberly Moreno from Long Beach, Mississippi, the first same-sex couple, received a marriage certificate in the office of the municipal clerk in Manhattan.

4. Phyllis Siegel and Semidesyatisemiletnyaya vosmidesyatipyatiletnyaya Connie Kopelou, the first same-sex couple to marry in the office of the municipal clerk in Manhattan.

5. Phyllis Siegel and Connie Kopelou leave office of the municipal clerk in Manhattan.

6. Sabrina Velez's plenty of emotion as she waits for her marriage to Lillian Gernandez municipal clerk's office in Brooklyn.

7. Newlyweds Joseph and Jim in the office of the municipal clerk in Manhattan.

8. Sorokavosmiletny Naveen Daniel Cohen and Pyatidesyatitrehletny exchanged vows Gernandez allegiance to the municipal clerk's office in New York.

9. An eight-Jacob, son of Jay and Nicole Dantzler Dantzler by Judge Marc Finkelstein writes his name in the book of registration of marriages as a witness in the marriage.

10. Plate, "Thank you, New York!" On the doors of the municipal clerk's office in New York.

11. Demonstrators protesting against same-sex marriage in New York, waving Bibles.

12. Carol Anastasio and Mimi Brown from New York during his marriage to the municipal clerk's office in New York.

13. Jonathan Mintz and John Feynblatt her daughters MeV and Georgia. They are applauding New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Mintz and Feynblatt are employees of City Hall.

14. Rabbi Sharon Kleybaum under the rainbow tent mate Sari Kessler and Eric Karp of New York. Three daughters married and brother Jonathan Kessler sincerely rejoice happening.

15. Speaker of the City Council of New York, Christine Quinn, left, and her partner, Kim Catullo the wedding Marcos A. Shaldzhaba and Freddie L. Sambarano municipal clerk's office in Manhattan on the first day after went into effect a new law legalizing gay marriage.

16. Kim Valdon, right, and Rhonda Valdon remaining together for sixteen years, were married in the municipal clerk's office in Brooklyn.

17. Michael Kennedy and Ron Spaulding, and Rhonda Otten and Debra Curtis posing for photos in front of the City Council in New York.

18. Felix Ramirez and Pedro Vargas.

19. Sari Kessler and Eric Karp received his marriage certificate in the office of the municipal clerk in Manhattan.

20. Karen Williams and Gwendolyn Koufild marries Judge Ephraim Alvarado courthouse in the Bronx.

21. Felipe and seventy-vosmidesyatishestiletny Byron await the wedding and give interviews, and New York.

22. David Hind and Craig Francisco dance your first wedding dance.

23. Nirvana Galvez hugs his wife Ruth Galvez on the boat against the evening in Manhattan. Couple lived in California in a civil marriage, and in New York came to legitimize the relationship.

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