[kl-bogel] Orang terkenal yg di baling telur,sos,kek dll (26 photos)

Being a known person - is not only a big responsibility, but the risk to get in the face of something like eggs, cake, cream, ketchup or sauce. The most common throwing weapons for demonstrations of public distrust and disdain for famous people used cakes. The tradition of throwing pies at famous faces Belgian Noel Godin founded - leader of the "International Brigade cakes." We suggest you look at the photos of prominent politicians who have been victims of "egg" or "pastry" shell.

Source photo: telegraph.co.uk

1. July 19, 2011. Rupert Murdoch's doused with an unknown white substance, which turned out later foam shaving during his speech before members of parliament. The hearing was adjourned, a man in a plaid shirt, was detained by police.

2. Rupert Murdoch's wife Wendy, who sat next to her husband during his speech before members of the parliamentary committee, tried to protect his wife and attacked his assailant. When the attacker away in handcuffs, accompanied by a police officer, he refused to give his name, saying it, that "as he said, Mr. Murdoch, I have no authority to comment on the current police investigation." Later on Twitter it was reported that the assailant named Johnny Marbles. Marbles has positioned himself as a man with an active lifestyle and comedy actor. He left a note in your microblog before the incident that says, "I think it would be the best thing that I did."

3. April 21, 2010. To the left. Traces of the eggshell can be seen on the clothing of David Cameron, who leaves college Saltash, Cornwall. Right - the police officer cleans traces of eggs from his jacket after the leader of the Conservative Party was attacked yaytsemetatelya.

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4. June, 2009. British politician, Chairman of the British National Party Nick Griffin was forced to leave the press conference at the walls of the Houses of Parliament after protesters pelted him with eggs.

5. British politician, Chairman of the British National Party Nick Griffin.

6. May 2009 Head of the Social-Democratic Party of the Czech Republic Jiri Paroubek is trying to protect the face during the attack yaytsemetateley during the election campaign to the European Parliament in Prague, Czech Republic.

7. March, 2009. Lord Mendelsonu face splashed green sauce.

8. Leila Dean said that poured sauce Minister of State for Business, Innovation and Skills Lord Mandelson in protest against government plans to open a third lane of London's Heathrow Airport.

9. February, 2009. Wen Dzhinbao, Prime Minister of China, after it during his speech at Cambridge University was abandoned shoe German student, protesting against human rights abuses in China.

10. December, 2008. George W. Bush, at that time held the post of President of the United States, evading two shoes thrown at him Iraqi journalist during a press conference.

11. October, 2008. Phil Vuulas, Minister of the exile, after he was thrown into a cake with custard at Manchester University. Cake threw a supporter of emigration.

12. February, 2006. Ruth Kelly, while he was Minister of Education, has received his share of eggs from the party in protest organization Fathers 4 Justice during a court hearing. Last year, a representative of the same company tried to put handcuffs on her.

13. December 2004. Robert Cleary Silk, the TV presenter, has received a face mold of protesters acting "in the name of Islam" when he arrived to take part in a program of the BBC studios in Manchester schools.

14. May, 2004. Mr Blair threw bombs with purple powder during a speech in the Commons. The responsibility is taken for all the same protest organization Fathers 4 Justice.

15. April 2022. French Prime Minister Lionel Dzhospen after it threw ketchup.

16. March 2002. The organization "Le Gloupier" (motion "International Brigade cakes") claimed responsibility for a cake with pineapple cream, melted in the face of presidential candidate Jean-Pierre France Shevenemanu.

17. May 2001. John Prescott threw eggs Craig Evans, a member of the protest organization during the election campaign in the Rila Mountain, North Wales ...

18. However, Mr Prescott was left in debt and with all his strength struck the farmer Mr. Evans' face.

19. January 2001. Tony Blair, at that time held the post of British prime minister, after he flew into the back of a tomato thrown by students in Bristol, UK protest against the actions in Iraq.

20. February 2000. Brown them, the Minister for Agriculture, after he was thrown into chocolate cake, eclair defender of wildlife at the annual meeting of farmers in London.

21. February 1998. John Prescott, at that time held the post of deputy prime minister, who poured a bucket of ice water. It happened at the British Academy Awards. Responsibility for the incident claimed Denbert Nobakon thus protesting against the government's attitude to the strike in Liverpool dockers.

22. April 2000. Ann Vaydkomb, then interior minister of the shadow cabinet after it threw the cake with custard while she was giving autographs in Oxford.

23. February 1998. Bill Gates, who is poured into the whipped cream in Brussels. It made Belgian Noel Godin, leader of the "International Brigade cakes."

24. March, 1992. In Margaret Thatcher flew a bunch of flowers to Marple Bridge in Stockport.

25. August 1982. The Minister for Environment Michael Heseltin, in which eggs were thrown at the protesters Croxteth, Liverpool.

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