[kl-bogel] Cooked cat in Chinese (12 photos)

Regular readers already familiar with these strange Chinese dishes such as "virgin" eggs, soup of the infants and the "three squeak." Today, your attention is invited to the next culinary omnivorous Chinese - boiled cat

Restaurants where you can enjoy koshatinu, hiding on the outskirts of Canton (Guangzhou). And the only sign "boiled alive cat» (水煮 活 猫) attracts people's attention to the food served here. Cat meat costs 10 yuan per half kilo, cat brain is estimated at 30 yuan per half kilo, and the intestines of animals costs 50 yuan per pound.

See what kind of dish - "boiled alive cat"? Cook of the restaurant said:
The cat should not be beaten to death, then its a little to cook, this is called a "living cooked cat
Why do so many people like to eat cats? Visiting the restaurant, which serves cats, divided into:
Eating cat meat can cure asthma, it improves health

Cat on the wholesale market provides over a thousand cats, packed in tight metal cages

Most of the cats sold in Guangdong province (Guangdong), because the Cantonese (people of Guangdong Province) is particularly fond of cats. The use of cats in the food first became popular in the Chaozhou-Shantou region (Chaozhou-Shantou) in Guangdong Province. The Chinese, according to their traditions, believe that the cat meat is effective to help balance the yin and yang of man. The reason why the cat meat in high esteem, is the naive belief in consumers that it has sanative effect.

The following is the process of making the cat.

Chef Cat restaurant removes all the cat hair. Upon completion of the process of "plucking" whole bird, cat, hung on a hook for weighing

Still breathing cat is placed in boiling water and boiled alive. Then cook the interior of cat extracts

To ensure the freshness of cat meat, most cats are used brutal beating of restaurants and similar methods of slaughtering of live cats.
The greater the suffering, the better the taste. This is done in order to be completely absorbed in the blood of flesh, then the cat meat will taste great

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