[kl-bogel] Slavery in Dubai today

Luxury, above all unusual on this planet. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum wants to turn Dubai into the global metropolis of architectural wonders and the embodiment of all possible records. However, achieving all the objectives set out an ambitious ruler is only possible through hard labor of an army of foreign workers. Hundreds of thousands of foreigners who work on construction sites, crammed into tiny huts, very satisfied with low salaries, and for many years, being separated from their families.
This compilation of the daily lives of men who wear clothing colors of the union. Men living outside of luxury in the shadow of the incredible skyline.

(24 photos)

1. They are the cheapest labor in the labor market. These people are ready to forget about their rights in order to earn their daily bread. Circumstances have actually modern slaves .. Per million inhabitants in Dubai about 800 thousand have been or still are migrant workers. In the photo: Workers wait for the bus from the construction site after a hard day on the grueling heat of Dubai.

2. Worker pours palm in front of the construction site of Burj Dubai. As they need watering every day year-round.

3. Sheikh Zayed Road, the main transport Vienna new Dubai, has expanded to become a ten.

4. Habil of Pakistan does not yet know how long it will work here. His dream - to buy a car and a house as soon as got home.

5. It is not very much room for individuality.

6. Almost Jumeirah island unfinished in 2007.

7. In a country where fifty thousand millionaires, the average salary of the builder is 180 dollars a month.

8. The fact that they are building for years, will become inaccessible to them as soon as work on the subject will be over.

9. View of the Burj Dubai in 2007. A few years later it became the highest in the world - his height over eight feet.

10. At the weekend thousands of workers are sent to the Bay of Dubai and in the old quarters of town to do shopping, to phone in their families and send money home.

11. Construction of the center of Dubai in 2007.

12. Buses with the workers returning to camp outside Dubai, the desert's edge.

13. The dominant colors are red and white.

14. When the construction of a building over, immediately start building the next.

15. Most workers feel that they are strangers in this city. According to them, Dubai - is a "city without a soul."

16. The world of luxury and success is looking at passers-by with advertising billboards in the city center.

17. End of working day in Dubai Marina.

18. Dzh.S.Radzhans often reminisces about the house. Over the past twelve years, he saw his family only five times. Lives and welfare of his family dependent on his work and money.

19. The bus, which was supposed to pick up these working an hour ago, as usual, stuck in traffic.

20. Burj Dubai at night.

21. Pakistani working dinner after a day spent on the site. In one small apartment crammed twelve.

22. City pestreet advertising banners, which are clearly contrasted with the impoverished lives of workers

23. Assaye in Afghanistan working as a mechanic in a workshop dealing with repair trucks. The trailer in the background - his apartment he shares with his six other workers.

24. Silhouette of Dubai. Photo taken from highway Emirates.

Photo: Florian Buettner

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