[kl-bogel] Roket rusia.

So, with a little raking chores and pictures from the press tour. It was the turn of bloggers and journey to the cosmodrome Plesetsk. On the trip itself will tell the next "news Turov" post - I went beyond userinfo macos , userinfo martin-sqare and userinfo triptotheworld .
And today, I spread a number of photographs taken by a representative of the Press and Information Ministry of Defense and Vitaly Vyatkin kindly provided them for publication. ;-)

The photos were taken in the preparation of the rocket for launch - from transportation to the place of assembly to be installed on the launch platform.

The next day, bloggers have already arrived and carried out a rocket into space not only looks, but also the lenses of cameras.
To be continued - lay out pictures directly from the start. :-)

to be continued... / Fortsetzung folgt ...

All the posts about the army - HERE , all the posts about the press tour (and I ride not only to the troops) - HERE . ;-)

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