[kl-bogel] My flight with Emirates (48 photos)

Emirates flights at night, Dubai Airport, UAE.
Emirates has long been included in my list Aircompanies, which must necessarily fly, but in Kiev they do not fly, and the prices they are not small ... but now, quite unexpectedly, I met a great rate, which could not take advantage.
Also under the cut advice: How to fly to the Maldives for free!

I love to fly and try new airline, for someone to fly - it's just a tedious process of moving in space, for me, - it is an opportunity to learn a lot about the company, see a lot of small parts, etc. I am happy to choose the interface of the flight, usually cheaper than direct flights are, and almost all of Ukraine's long-haul routes are covered with his AeroSvit potrepanym fleet ...

But there are some airlines that I want to fly neperemnno, Emirates - one of them. In Ukraine, they do not fly, but our Aerosvit and UIA are their parterres at the Kiev-Dubai sector, and this trip by clicking options in Colombo, I found the cheapest route is from the Emirates for $ 650.

But first things first ...

Night Dubai, cone-building in the center of the frame - this is the world's tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa (828m).

The airport in Dubai - it's something about him will be a separate post:

In long-term docking for all passengers, including economy class, are entitled to free meals.
Cafe is located in Terminal 3 of the "Burger King". Also in the dock over 6-8 hours providing Emirates hotel reservations for certain classes,

Also, for passengers with children in Emirates Terminal 3 has free wheelchairs:

Air airline's fleet to 152 aircraft, with all (!) Aircraft - a large long-haul airliners. The route network - more than 300 destinations.
In his Emirates Terminal 3 at 52 aircraft parking (apron).

This shot taken at night, an incredible density of flights!

Here is the Terminal 3:


Boeing 777-200 Dubai-Male airport in the Maldives:

The airport in Male 'is built on an artificial island, I'll write about it separately.

Maldives - of course, "Bounty" and "Paradise", but, IMHO, is absolutely inadequate overrated. Stops along the way for me was enough to form an impression. Exactly the same island is in South East Asia for quite sane money.

A330 Male-Colombo:

Emirates flight attendants should use only the bright red lipstick! The use of bright color is fraught with enough observations up to a reprimand. This information is from the Russian-speaking employee LJ Emirates fit_2_fly

In general, multinational crew, but it was half British in this flight.

Special mention deserves Flight Entertaiment. A lot of movies, music and games.
On board you can use your mobile phone, he enters the roaming network Aeromobile, tariffs - the same as for conventional plans in Asia. Aeromobile - this is a special operator to provide mobile roaming services on board aircraft.

But one more thing I generally pleasantly surprised ... During a night flight cabin lighting changes color, creating a pleasant warm light atmosphere. A ceiling light is designed as a starry sky. In reality, looks amazing.

The food is often delicious, nourishing:

On the return journey from Colombo to Dubai flight delayed by 1 hour. We were in the rear of the terminal at 7.00 am, departure to Kiev we have in 7.40, on a rack Emirates already waiting for us with the news that Aerosvit registration has closed and we can not fly, even though the plane is still waiting for 40 minutes is enough to make a transplant .

They are very apologized perebonirovali at 22.30 the same day and provided free hotel and visa in Dubai for 24 hours (!)

There is also power under the "eat-what-fit":

Great idea for advertising online registration Terracotta Army, "Why stand in line?"

So we had a pleasant surprise and nezaplanirovanaya stop in Dubai:)

Outer Metro will also be a separate post:

They are building another terminal:

Emirates office in Dubai:

Technical part:
Well a little about the possibility of a free stop in the Maldives:)

After seeing the site www.emirates.ua, it was found that from Dubai to Colombo 2 flights a day.
There are direct flights, but there are flights via the Maldives (Male 'Airport), ie with an intermediate stop the aircraft.

Looked fare rules:





Staying at an intermediate point to 24 hours - free of charge, ie in this situation, you can fly to the Maldives in the morning and depart in the evening, or pernochevat.
In case of stopping a 24 hour 100 $, ie, You can stay in the Maldives for a few days. Important - the Maldives prices below $ 1000 per flight will never happen.


Stopover in Dubai to 96h in a / the Emirates FREE! At the same time have an online form for a visa!

About a transit stop in Dubai detail here.

Here's my route Kiev-Male-Colombo for $ 650:

These options may be many. I flew a flight Dubai-Male-Colombo and Colombo on the back of an airplane Singapore-Colombo-Dubai. The plane is parked hour, during which time someone leaves or gets into a plane, other passengers just wait. When congestion economy class on flights that I flew was 100%!

Enjoy your flight! :)


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