[kl-bogel] The most unusual vending machines (25 photos)

Less than a century ago, in 1920 the Czechs and Karel Capek, Josef, according to Know thus beer, invented the word "robot" and vozmechtali and about the times when to add in the belly of foam, will not have to refer to an unpleasant face like the waiter. He threw a coin into the machine - it silently gives you a bottle of Budvar.

The Czechs know what to think. After all, the first ever vending machine, that is a vending machine was invented and implemented in the first century AD, the great engineer Heron of Alexandria of antiquity. Evoyny unit after swallowing coins pouring out the buyer portion of the "holy" water. In 1888 the first machines for the sale of chewing gum came on w / e platforms in New York. In 1932, in the dining hall of Smolny appeared in Leningrad was the first Soviet machine-jerk selling of carbonated water.

Years passed and we got used to that by turning to a heartless machine, you can buy cigarettes, cola, beer, coffee cup or a condom. Robots supply of men with paper money and plastic tokens are paid small change for the homeless and glassware give middle-class books, purchased over the Internet. By good we get used quickly. The youth of today do not dream of a flying carpet, but a pocket-ATM ...

Vending machines are able to sell everything, even the drugs (there is a "MAZ" in some countries). We offer our readers the most outstanding vending machines running on the joy of the mass of consumers in different parts of the robot planet called Earth.

1. Vending machine for live crabs

If this is not the Chinese will eat at least one crab per day, he - not quite true. Live crab out of water very quickly deteriorates. Vending machines, installed two years ago in China, the subway a few major cities, selling shellfish to the "sleep" state at the temperature of a domestic refrigerator.

Animals are a half to seven dollars apiece, every day, "krabomat" sells 200 units of goods. If the consumer will fall dead crab, the compensation he receives three live free.

2. Japanese car, which sells umbrellas

From China to change to Japanese subway. If going out on a distant station, a passenger finds a downpour on the street, and protection from rain and snow is forgotten at home or at work, it will help vending umbrellas.

They write that there were similar instances zontikomatov in the UK. For there is also not raining as scheduled.

3. E-librarian

In another country, cultural, Canada, Central Library has acquired a gun, which without staff gives visitors an animated books, CDs, videos and video games at home. To use the machine, it is necessary to the receiving slit to insert a library card in the form of magnetic cards. The complete unit is to return the urn media, similar to a mailbox for packages.

4. Vending machine dirty magazines

Once again, the Japanese shocking. At the train station in Nagoya, Meytetsu joy to adults and children, laden fantasies, operating unit, poetically sells, uh, alternative literature with pictures.

The car in front of the citizens of Japan implements prosaically beer "Asahi".

5. Yaykomat

The most delicate of food - it's chicken eggs or quail. But they manage to vtyuhivat people soulless piece of iron. In rural areas of Japan recently had the opportunity to buy the freshest eggs in robots. Which, in turn, take the goods at dawn for farmers. Packaging unfertilized eggs of chicken costs 200 yen. It is about 69 Russian rubles per 12 eggs. By our standards a little expensive, but we're not Japanese.

6. Machine sales of toy avtomobilchiki

This machine, installed at a subway station in Milan, designed to protect parents from the bored, nudyaschih children. In addition to machines of various colors and brands, car ... And this realizes the Rubik's cube.

Apparatus for the preparation and sale of live Siamese kittens, machines that sell the currency at pre-crisis rate, robotic delivery system of beer gorkanalizatsiyu to bypass the human body, vending country - all we have in front of the main thing - to live. In the meantime, let me continue a rich overview of the most outstanding and unexpected vending machines in recent history.

7. Pontovy vending vehicles

The Italians, with their toy cars in the handout machines technologically obsessed with Japanese inspired to create a machine that supposedly sells the smart car.

Why "supposedly"? Because the car is actually a metal box that no one will sell. Automatic distributes promotional literature to citizens interested in the smart carts, pushing potential customers to purchase avtobrenda.

8. Gamburgeromat on the streets of Holland

Lord of the Netherlands are well taken care of quench appetite of those who are accustomed to eating on the go. Some in fact even too busy to go to a cafe or dining room, and they eat fatty chips and sugary donuts, do not leave the pavement. Now the Dutch revelers and runners have the opportunity to save time and buy a sandwich from the machine. Sandwiches are in the range of fillings and sizes.

9. Aypodomat

Each time, looking at technological wonders, we have to make overtures to the company "Apple". Vending machine for iPods "mini" and "shuffle", as well as batteries and digital fotikom operates in the Atlanta airport (USA). Very handy for those who are only in the last minute thinking that the flight across the ocean must be something to take your ears.

10. Machine sales of footballs

In New York, a sports complex "Chelsea Payers," where, among other sports played in the traditional football fans in the U.S. is a little bit, but they are. During field battles are often lost balls. That the players are not interrupted by the search, the company "Nike" found on campus vending balls toxic colors and entitled "Three Jog."

11. Black box with hemp

America will legalize marijuana quietly - for those who really need it. California was among the first allowed the implementation of the state of cannabis for medical purposes. Patients whom the doctor will prescribe marijuana receive a special card on which drugs they sell in specialized pharmacies from hand to hand. If the pharmacy is part of the grass in the yard or night, the shop is closed, a resident of Los Angeles, registered as an "official planokur" has the opportunity to buy cannabis from the machine. Identification is the fingerprint.

Results of these machines in LA three of them worth it. Working around the clock.

12. Velosipedomat

Unlike the fake vending smart cars, the impressive size commercial machine really lets people bike - hire. To surrender or give Snickers caramel.

Several dozen of these amazing devices, was established in 2007 in parks cultural countries. Rolling large chips are equipped with RFID and signed, so steal them unlikely to be - our own peril. Drive through the park until next velosipedomata, the customer hands over "Laibach" he goes on and on foot where he needs to.

13. Manicure machine

Public street machine for applying to the ladies' nails arts invented and implemented in Taiwan.

Member (ence) selects a pattern on the screen, insert a finger and a special hole for about one U.S. dollar machine does the work of a manicurist. Moonlight, true, but faster and cheaper to obtain. Beauty is a Taiwanese.

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