[kl-bogel] Lebih afdal tolong manusia congo drpd cari glamer gi gaza..

Congo in 2011

Democratic Republic of Congo is home to approximately one hundred and eighty thousand refugees who live in cities and rural areas. In total, about two million people were internally displaced by conflict. Paradoxically, this central African country has great potential to excel, according to its reserves of precious minerals and natural resources. Nevertheless, the Congo is also one of the poorest, most war-torn countries, torn, strife, which is estimated to have taken away nearly three million lives over the past decade. In many parts of the country in which lawlessness, few people have access to basic amenities such as clean drinking water, electricity or medical help.

(16 photos)

1. May 20, 2011. - Mungot, Province of North Kiyu, Democratic Republic of Congo. Refugee camp.

2. Socio-economic situation in Congo remains tense and unstable, contrary to periodically sign a peace treaty.

3. A woman in a refugee camp waiting for food distribution.

4. A mother and child in a center for refugees.

5. Patient hospital.

6. Malnourished boy. Hunger remains a major cause of mortality in Congo.

7. Women and children at a rehabilitation center for victims of sexual violence. In the Congo the violence, thousands of women have suffered.

8. Refugee camp. Most of these people left their homes to escape conflict, war and poverty.

9. Hospital in Kingasani for premature babies. AIDS, malnutrition and severe conditions cause many premature births among residents of the Congo.

10. Child suffers from malnutrition.

11. Children waiting for food distribution in the center of power in the Don Bosco Ngan.

12. Central Prison Muntsenze. No prisoners' rights are not respected. It is even difficult to determine the exact number of prisoners.

13. Pupils orphanage playing a board game.

14. Pupils listen to the orphanage in reading the Bible.

15. Service at the refugee camp.

16. A sick child in the center of power in the Don Bosco Ngan.

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