[kl-bogel] Jakarta Bandung 2010 (Part1)


Hi everyone! We are finally home. Home Sweet Home... We had been away from home for about two weeks. Miss Terengganu..miss the food - Nasi Dagang and Keropok lekor..hehe.

Hari tu, we spent a week in Jakarta and Bandung- Cuti2 Indonesia. Then, we spent another week at my mother's house. Thousand apologies because at times, I couldn't leave comments at your blogs while I was away. Ada yang tak sempat especially when I was in Indonesia. Thanks to some blogger friends who dropped by at my blog and bertanya khabar..I appreciate it so much.

Well, during our recent trip to Jakarta, we decided to fly with the Dutch carrier KLM. The airfare was reasonable and berbaloi. So, besides flying with AA and MAS, KLM is another option kalau nak ke Jakarta...

KLM's inflight magazine..I like the mag

The KLM's flight to Jakarta is actually a connecting flight from Amsterdam. Hari tu, penuh flight with mostly Malaysians who were going for holidays in Jakarta and Bandung. Alhamdulillah, there was no flight delay or any other problem and we reached Jakarta on time! As soon as we stepped out of the arrival hall, I was so relieved when I saw Pak Suhanda (the driver ). Dengan Pak Suhanda, semuanya BISA DIATUR!. We have known Pak Suhanda for many years and would hire him kalau ke sana.

My children were not hungry so they did not touch the food during the flight. Mama lah yang menghabiskan mana yang patut....Camnelah nak lose weight??? BTW, the food was good! (Nasi goreng dgn sate, a cake and mango salad)

When we left the airport, my children suddenly told me, LAPAR!!! So, we headed to Pizza Hut! I like Pizza Hut Indonesia. Sedap dan murah! Before that, in Jakarta, jalan macet sana sini..aduh!!! You really have to bear with the traffic congestion in Jakarta.

I like Pizza Hut Indonesia because there are more choices of food and drinks . Enak Banget! Harganya pun murah...

My children wanted Mix4Fun Cup ni but when they were too full, they changed their mind. Toppingnya kita bubuh sendiri..Pilihan desserts memang banyak kat Pizza Hut Indonesia.

Aneka kelezatan favorit Barat . Semua tu enak banget.. okay..

Hubby had Oriental Spaghetti-sedap sgt spaghetti ni .

Anak2 dua-dua nak makan nasi..Rice with shrimps . Manis sgt udang sos tu..

Rice with black pepper meatball

and...I had Pizza with EXTRA cheese...there was no way for me to lose weight...

Well that was the end of our first day in Jakarta.. Gua capek banget hari tu! The next day we went to Bogor/Puncak. I'll continue about my trip to Jakarta and Bandung in my next post...ok. Have a beautiful Sunday everyone!

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