[kl-bogel] Indian roads (43 photos)

Speaking on Indian roads, it is impossible not to talk about India itself, so please excuse for when someone comments to pics seem too long. And again, I will discuss the Indian province, not the major tourist centers such as Goa, where roads are, by and large, not very different from European. Let's begin. Everyone knows that India - a country with a very large population (officially in 2011 - 1.21 billion people, in fact we can safely add about a quarter). Overcrowding in the country is reflected in everything - the streets are very narrow and twisty, the doors open, usually inside.

2. Stairs in buildings - narrow and screw

3. Roofs are usually flat - there was dried clothes, fruits and so on. All residential architecture is created to account for the use of any piece of free space

4. For this reason, the Indians have traditionally used the road for their needs. They dried corn

5. Or rice. Cars, driving over rice, at the same time it and threshed

6. No such state of affairs is not disturbed - if you live in an overpopulated country, want-not, you will learn tolerance for one's neighbor. Well, if the rice and peas wrapped around the axle - it immediately to help resolve the problem

7. On the road are the street performers

8. They are frequent demonstrations of political parties

9. In general, the first time there is a feeling that not going on the road, and for some large apartment

10. On the road - full democracy. For him go and go all to whom it should be

11. Or here

12. Or here

13. Transport is mainly domestic, the production company «Tata motors» - from truck

14. Truck drivers are often decorated with mud flaps, such pictures here

15. To the king of Indian roads, motor scooter, "tuktuk"

16. This tuktuku Indians ever a monument and will be well deserved. Inexpensive, unpretentious, economical (dizelnyy!) - a real working ishachok, which carries everything - from the passenger

17. Before coconuts

And livestock

19. Motorcycles are very popular, family-run transport number one

20. Or here

21. And bicycles

22. Monkeys on the road nemeryannom, even on highways

23. Although on rural roads

24. The serpent is also missing (background - my machine «Tata-sumo»)

25. Highways are built and maintained by the State and the State

26. Rural roads - by the people

27. In general, nervous people on Indian roads can not be helped. If you on the road in front of the cart, or slowly crawling truck, then you at least obbibikaysya, the situation will not change

28. Most ambush, if you meet risovoz (more precisely, a truck carrying rice chaff) - but not on the road, and on a narrow country road - just try to overtake a hamster:

29. The same, if met with the herd - stop and wait until you do bypass. In general, it is best to try to understand this country (though it is full and can not), imbued with its spirit, then it will be not difficult.

30. It is interesting here is that - traffic congestion in our state Angra Pradesh occur only once a year, in December - during harvest sugarcane

31. This cane is transported to all vehicles, which have - or lost crops

32. Road signs, though very different (one sign only "Winding Road" I have counted in the state of 12 different options), but understandable

33. On the service station also has no problems, there is a modern, urban

34. With all necessary equipment

35. And in any country. In this master's garage to quickly seal the punctured wheel or make any other minor repairs for funny money - 30 rupees (60 cents)

36. In general, Indian mechanics - it's something. In my opinion, they are fingers that they can safely and without tools to work. So they have to work and technique of complete deterioration, while no longer on the molecule will fall apart

37. Traffic inspectors machines just do not stop (except for raids to verify the payment of road taxes, there could inhibit all in a row)

38. But if the event of an accident, the on-site accidents occur quickly

39. And that's what I still remember - for all the apparent chaos on Indian roads there is absolutely no vulgarity of our road. On the contrary, the drivers take care of each other. For example, you have to overtake a truck. They write the drivers request signals before overtaking:

40. If the oncoming lane is free, a truck driver will give the go-ahead - come on, ehay. If not - necessarily give a sign to wait.

41. And very pleased that the Indians planted on the highways of many colors

42. In addition to aesthetics, it really helps to not get tired at the wheel - the eye is not "zamylivaetsya" from monotonous roadway, the driver is always in good shape

43. In general, when all you know, you see that is not particularly something we differ from each other in the world, but if we learn from each

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