[kl-bogel] Hemis Gompa Festival, in Ladakh

The two-day Buddhist festival of Hemis Gompa, held July 10-11 in India. It runs in the same monastery, located in the Tibetan region of Ladakh. Here are some photos from the festival.

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Source photo: wsj.com

1. The ongoing annual festival of Hemis Gompa, marks the birthday of Padmasambhava, the Tibetan Buddhist teacher of tantra. The photo - a monk in a festive mask dancing on the first day of the Festival Hemis Gompa near-Deha, in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir on Sunday.

2. During the Festival, Hemis Gompa, the monks dancing special masks and traditional costumes, identifying himself with enlightened beings. Dances are performed to the accompaniment of drums and horns. The photo - of the monks.

3. One of the traditions of the festival is a luxury fair, where craftsmen exhibiting their wares. In the picture - the monks at the opening ceremony Hemis Gompa,.

4. Monks pray at the opening ceremony of the festival.

5. Dances are held at the Festival Hemis Gompa, are intended to provide an embodiment of the enlightened acts of Padmasambhava, who was born in the eighth century, and revered as the second Buddha.

6. Hemis Gompa monastery, in which the festival is the oldest and most revered monastery in Ladakh. In the picture - dancing in the courtyard of the temple monks.

7. Local residents before coming to the festival and a visit to the fair is traditionally clothed in the finest traditional clothing. The photo - gathered in the courtyard of the temple Hemis Gompa, a crowd of spectators watching the dancers during the festival monks.

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