[kl-bogel] Bring the history of the strawberry beer

In our satiety and spoiled, if you sell a product that is incredibly hard to stand out from the crowd of similar manufacturers. What remains to companies in this situation? You can put an incredible amount of money and go broke. And you can start cooperation with artists and creative people to see what they can do and how to help you grow your business.

Jamie Beck and Kevin Boer, who had just completed their latest project. This is the first journalist in history is now gaining momentum and popularity of the genre sinemagrafii, and it deals about the process of making strawberry beer with the owner and brewer Dogfish Sam Kaladzhione. Of course, at first glance, this whole story looks like a fashionable custom advertising, but it's absolutely fascinating.
"With sinemagrafii we captured the whole process of beer making, step by step, and we hope you will have the illusion of complete immersion in this fascinating action," says Beck. "We are very proud of this history and hope to share it around the world. Well, if not history itself, so our love for good beer. "

(9 sinemagrafy)

1. So sinemagrafiya first. Gardens, "Phifer Orchads' family farm in southern Delaware, offers a wide selection of local fruits and vegetables that we use in our pub and brewery," says Sam Kaladzhione. "Bobby Phifer shows how this mature strawberries and sweet .. She - the main ingredient of our new beer, which is to prepare - no easy task. "

2. "We have to manually load more than 150 pounds of strawberries in the local press this fruit. This will give the five barrels, or 150 liters of beer. On average, therefore, about a pound of fruit is freshly on a gallon of beer. "

3. Manual fruit press juicer is located in the parking lot near the brewery in Reobot Beach. To work for him, of course, can only be two. Surprising, because the structure of fruit presses has not changed much since then, as I helped his father make wine for nearly thirty years ago. We have brewed beer with blueberries, currants, raspberries, raisins, oranges and lemons, but it seems to be the first strawberry beer in our history. "

4. "Juicing - action tiring, but interesting. It took us several hours to process all the fruit, and the resulting juice was intense scarlet color, as if freshly blood. Of course, we all oblyapalis from head to toe and all the surrounding landscape looked as if there was just a bloody massacre. Is that the mutilated bodies were not observed. "

5. "Strawberry is the main ingredient of beer, and the second main ingredient we have chosen sorghum. It is used for sorghum beer production in Africa for centuries. We managed to find sorghum syrup, which was really terrific - very dark, sweet and aromatic.

6. "We mixed sorghum with filtered water, mix thoroughly, then once again held the filtration. And then added a fresh strawberry juice. No idea what flavor there was in the room! "

7. "I think a lot of those components with which you can brew based on sorghum. In the end, decided on strawberries. In addition, the final touch to our beer is the honey - it gives extra flavor. "

8. "Then we made our little mixture boil. Gas burner roared and gurgled beer and the air smelled of berries, honey and corn. Incredible feeling! "

9. "How did I make any other pilot, at first this beer will be served only in our brewery. It is possible that later this year it will be available and the bulk of consumers. We decided to call it beer «Tweason'ale» - beer, created in the spring and summer break. "

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