[kl-bogel] 0-star hotel in Switzerland (10 photos)

The world's first nulezvezdochny (no star or zero-star) hotel, also called Null Stern Hotel, working in the town of Sewell.

There are no separate rooms and shared bathroom for some reason turned into a fountain with swimming flowers in it. Interiors "decorate" hanging from the ceiling ducts and cables, all kinds of filters and fans. True, not imitation, among other things.

TV either, but there is one big screen, which displays a picture with camera surveillance, "gazing" on the street. After all, the windows here, again, no.
It is not surprising when you consider that this hotel is transformed from an atomic bunker, lying a few meters under the ground.

Once it was spent teaching the military, and now need a bomb shelter (state-owned), like as not. Meanwhile, it must contain (by law), which falls on the local budget an extra burden. Because local artists - brothers Patrick and Frank Rikliny - commissioned by the municipal authorities had the "operation" to turn the bunker into a hotel.

Hosts fair warning - a hot shower then be able to take only those who rose early, and others will have to be content with cold water. "Room Service" is not provided, although clean linens are.

Spartan conditions? On the other hand, and the price is low - just $ 9-13 per night. For Switzerland - it was a marvel. So the place booked for months ahead. Null Stern Hotel can accommodate 54 people at the same time.

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