[kl-bogel] World Naked Bike Ride @ London 2011

Learn-to-user gap-themind wrote: Today, dear edition of solidarity with the participants of this campaign to share the views of Big Ben. But you, dear readers, do not see, because we, as always, on the other side of the lens. We took part in the London version of the World velozabega naked and got a lot of fun, and this rush to share with you.

(33 photos)

1. All undressed and decorate a measure of shame and creative abilities.

2. Loew nablyudae.

3. It turns out that Simultaneity go to a great and to post fotochki with iPhone.

4. Dude in the foreground, of course, is steep, but our hero - Mr. Purple Pants!

5. Mr Psychedelic chickenpox.

6. Lisapedisty not prone to discrimination, skaters are also welcome!

7. All ages, young and old, and so on.

8. And the light and dark, and green.

9. No body type should not be shy.

10. And yet bouncy tits!

11. Obligatory shot against the backdrop of sights

12. The Queen and the president is also no stranger to



15. Well swim team in a striped bathing suit!




19. Here, more than ever appropriate vulgar joke that one part dorredaktsii heard on his first university lecture in London: "Well, that bell on the clock tower is named in honor of Benjamin, rather than Richard!" (Benjamin => Ben, Richard => Dick)



22. Sisco all shapes and sizes will go, as long as no petrol!


24. Man is a wolf, a zombie zombies zombie:

25. Loew, our second idol

26. Advanced Member Party



29. Pink-the color of the season.




33. And finally, a beautiful girl boobs close up for the fans.

Almost Botticelli.

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