[kl-bogel] What traditions are at weddings in different countries (17 photos)

Neither Russian wedding goes by without a loaf, and abduction of the bride dancing with her mother. In other countries around the world have their own, no less interesting tradition.
Pakistani wedding.

A few days before the wedding the bride are decorated with hand Pakistani designs of henna. This is done specifically for the ceremony, mehendi, rite, which was believed to bring good luck to be a future family.

Korean wedding.

Korean bride and groom in traditional wedding attire. For two thousand years there is a wedding tradition according to which the newlyweds in Korea clothed in hanbok, traditional Korean costume of bright colors and simple lines.

Moroccan wedding.

Moroccan brides usually wear ornate coats and a lot of jewelry. In Morocco, the bride and all the women invited to the wedding, decorate the hands of henna designs.

Scottish wedding.

All men are invited to the wedding ceremony, wearing traditional dress of Scottish Highlanders: kilts from wool tartan fabric - tartan, jackets, and long stockings.

Wedding of the people of Yoruba (Nigeria).

During the wedding ceremony of the Yoruba people, before they will bring the bride, concealed under the veil, the groom and his friends fall down before members of the bride's family.

Bolivian wedding.

Wedding dinner on the shore of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia. With the head groom and the bride had not yet showered with confetti and flower petals, which they hurled at a wedding.

American Wedding.

At the wedding in the United States unmarried girls traditionally caught the bridal bouquet. It is believed that one who catches the bouquet cherished, will soon also be married.

Japanese wedding.

Japanese couple during the traditional ceremony, during which they must drink 9 cups of sake. The picture was taken at a Shinto temple.

Chinese wedding.

In China, parents bring the bride groom wedding in traditional red wagon.

Mass wedding in Punjab, India.

Mass wedding in India make it easier for families, the financial burden that entails the collection and organization of the traditional dowry costly wedding ceremony. Brides wear white dress instead of the traditional Indian bridal wear red, because the girl belonged to the Christian communities of Punjab.

French wedding.

In the picture - a French wedding cake Krokembush, which is a majestic tower of cream cakes.

Mexican wedding.

The bride and her parents are preparing to make a wedding procession in the street of a small Mexican town.

Uighur wedding.

Uighur bride preparing for a wedding dress two: white wedding dress in Western style for a formal dinner, which takes place on the first day of the wedding, and the traditional Uyghur outfit for the second day of the wedding, during which she greets guests as a married woman.

Wedding in Afghanistan.

Afghan men dance to the rhythms of the dhol drum at Armenian Street in downtown Jalalabad. And Afghan women are often celebrating the wedding separately, without leaving home.

Wedding in Malaysia.

The bride and groom during the wedding tea ceremony is traditionally brings tea older family members. The picture was taken in the Malaysian capital - Kuala Lumpur.

Russian wedding.

The newlyweds released two white doves as a sign of their love and harmony. The picture was taken in St. Petersburg.

And not quite a traditional wedding in Macau.

This photograph was taken at the Wynn casino in Macau, the new Asian gambling entertainment center. Such a wedding - not typical for this region of China, which was once a Portuguese colony - the bride wore a white dress in an eclectic style, retro, and the bridesmaids and guests - in the costumes in the style of French maids. While it may be this is the beginning of a new tradition?

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